Another Month has passed!

I have been meaning to sit down and write another post, for awhile now. I cannot believe it has been a month, again. I don’t like letting so much time go by, it makes it tougher to recall everything. Anyway, since the Alumni Game, I have been to Hofstra for a Wrestling Tournament (yes a “Wrestling Tournament), California for a business trip (yes, I am still retired) and a family visit, and I am now in North Creek (having come by way of Rochester).

Karl, after winning his first match!

About three weekends ago, Karl wrestled in the Open Division at the Ken Lesser Memorial, Summer Heat Tournament! One of his friends had casually suggested they do it, and Karl actually did. Of course, I was in attendance. I had thought those days were long gone, but I was more than happy to be back as a “Wrestling Dad”! It has been six years, since his final college match. But all of that emotion comes right back. Watching him wrestle, I have always felt like I was almost wrestling myself! This time was not really any different. Karl looked great out there and I enjoyed every minute of it. He won one and lost one, which actually got him second place! Seeing him on the mat again, doing it strictly for his love of the sport, was a great feeling.

Not bad for a 27 year old!

Two weeks ago, I flew out to California for a “business trip” of sorts. I am not going to reveal the purpose, just yet, but stay tuned. Anyway, who couldn’t use a few days in beautiful Southern California?

The best part of my trip was getting down to Laguna on Saturday, where I got to visit with my Aunt Fran and Steve, and later on, with Stasi and Christian, as well! It was too short and felt rushed to me (and sorry no photos, my bad), but it is always great to see them all, and I am grateful to have gotten to do it.

Last week was Hazy, Hot and Humid on Long Island, and mostly I caught up on some things around the house – specifically, the Pool and the Garden.

This week I headed to Rochester on Monday, to bring some vehicle paperwork to Diana – that was just an excuse to go see her and Jon (I know I don’t really need an excuse). I got up there just in time to help Jon get his car from the shop, which I was more than happy to do. We got to visit over dinner and briefly afterwards. They both work outside and have to be at work early, and I was pretty tired from the nearly seven hours (it should be under six) it took me to get up there. So it was another visit, that was too short, but, hey I’ll take it.

Tuesday, I drove east and then north to North Creek. Once off Route 90, it was a very scenic and relaxing ride. I have been feeling bad about not having been up to the Condo, since 4th of July Weekend. The new Air Conditioning System works great, though it has been cool enough at night, that I have turned it off (it was 58 degrees outside this morning!). Yesterday, I got out early and decided to try to hike to the top of Gore Mountain. The length of the hike is somehow, not certain, but it is at least 9.3 miles, roundtrip. It felt great to be back in the woods and the cool temperature was quite suitable. As is often the case, the final portion, with the summit in sight, is deceptively long and steep. As always, it was great to reach the top, but the clouds and fog, did not make for beautiful views. Oh well, I was surprised how good I felt throughout (I feel less good today!), and I made the whole trip in just under 4.5 hours. My phone said it was just over 11 miles total – but who knows (or cares, really).

So, it has been a busy month, since the Alumni Game! And it’s been good!

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