Another Really Good Day!

I have the morning hotel routine down pretty good, now. I wake up early, get a workout in, have breakfast (complimentary, of course), get cleaned up, and hit the road. Yesterday, I took the time to stop at “Pressed”, to pick up a coffee for the road. It was worth the trip!

Coffee for the Road!

It was a beautiful day, and I had plenty of time to make the six hour drive to Newburgh, NY. Yes, Newburgh, perched high on the west bank of the Hudson River, and home to the Mount Saint Mary Knights. In between phone calls and nostalgic 80’s music, I took note of my excitement about the 7pm Skyline Conference Opener, for my Old Westbury Panthers. I have been having a great time being at the Mercyhurst games and fraternizing with the Laker Nation, but I do miss everyday coaching. After a rough start, the Panthers gained control of the game. It was 9-8 at the half, but Old Westbury put forth a terrific second half effort on both ends of the field, on their way to a big 17-13 road win. I was proud of the team, as they played their hardest when it mattered most.

1-0 in Skyline Conference Play! Nice job ladies!

Among those in attendance, last night, were my Aunt Jane and Uncle Paul, who live nearby. It was great to have them at the game, but even better to go back to their house for a really great visit. It took me back to my Freshman year at Cortland, when I spent many long Sundays at their off campus apartment. I was lucky to have their hospitality then, and lucky to have it again, last night. As I left for home this morning, I vowed to make sure to see them more often. As much as this Odyssey revolves around lacrosse, it is just as much about all of the other things I am getting to do. So far, it has been great!

Aunt Jane and Uncle Paul – Thank You!

I had thought about not driving back home, today, since I will be leaving for Erie, again tomorrow. This morning, I decided, I really wanted to be at Old Westbury Practice, tomorrow morning – to help the team be as prepared as possible for Saturday’s big match up against SUNY Maritime. So I made the two hour drive from Newburgh to Long Island. I unpacked, did laundry so I can re-pack, took care of some things for FLG (For the Love of the Game – the Lacrosse Company, I work for), and some house stuff, before hitting the “Garage” for a workout. I am already looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend – it should be good!

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