A Good Week

I began the week, with a trip to Georgio’s Coffee Roasters, to replenish my home supply and to meet an old friend and colleague for a cup of their delicious daily brew. It is about a twenty minute ride, that used to be on my way to work, when I still worked. I don’t mind the ride these days. It is easy and mostly without traffic. But the real reason, is that the coffee is great! And last week, so was the company.

Coffee Without Equal!

I made it my business to get out of the house everyday for a walk or hike, last week. Wednesday, I drove north to the Muttontown Preserve for a four mile looping hike through some dense woods and alongside one large meadow. Debi and I had been there once before, in warmer weather and I was surprised how different everything looked. This time, I made it all the way to the southern edge of the former estate of King Zog of Albania, who lived there for a few years in the mid-1920’s. There are legends about treasures and murder relating to the area where the mansion once stood. The remnants of some buildings, remain today. As I made my way through the ruins, it was a bit eerie. Still, it was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

King Zog’s old stomping grounds.

Friday’s walk was also beautiful, if less intriguing. I walked from home along the path that once was part of the Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, into the north entrance to Eisenhower Park. It was a really pretty afternoon and the path was almost crowded. As always, it felt good to be outside, even though it was on the cold side. The park is huge and has something for everyone, bike paths, three golf courses, picnic areas, an indoor Olympic Pool, an indoor ice arena and an outdoor rink, a small lake, numerous fields and playgrounds. I sometimes take the park for granted, but once there, I am always happy that I made the trip.

Eisenhower Park just before Sunset!

I spent part of Friday and most of Saturday, virtually attending the 2021 US Lacrosse Convention. I have attended the event in person many times in the past, and of course would have preferred to have done so again this year. Since that was not an option, I decided to try this year’s remote version. While it was not the same, I still got quite a bit out of it and came away feeling full of knowledge and pumped up for the upcoming season – even though I am likely to barely be coaching, if at all.

Virtual LaxCon 2021, not the same but still worth it.

The rest of Saturday and then most of Sunday was focused on the NFL Divisional Playoffs. Everybody here was pretty into the whole thing. We basically had a long, indoor tailgate party. We ate Nachos, homemade Barbacoa (do delicious!) and of course there were some liquid refreshments. As I have explained my sympathetic fandom, I was pulling for the Packers (Diana’s team) and the Bills (with Clint Morano and a whole host of Mercyhurst Lax Parents, all close to my heart). Sunday’s games did not have as much sentimental pull for me, though for obvious reasons I really would have preferred to see Drew Brees and the Saints come away victorious, since he is a class act perhaps at the end of his career and – I despise that team they lost to, especially their quarterback. So I did not get everything I wanted, it was still a good week.

Brought out the Cheese Head for the big game! Go Pack Go!

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