Another Fun Filled Weekend

With Diana’s Springfield Pride, Women’s Lacrosse Team hosting Babson in the NEWMAC Championship Game, last Saturday, I was able to convince Debi that we should be there to see this one in person, as it may be her last game ever, coaching on Stagg Field. Not to be deterred by the “No Spectators Policy”, we had observed people watching from outside the fence, thereby being “off campus”, the past couple of home games, so we decided to be among them for this one.

Debi has been wanting to visit the Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, ever since Diana got there. Since Game Time was not until 4pm, this was our chance. We left Long Island around 7am and made great time up to Springfield. “The Quadrangle” is home to five Museums and the Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden, and $25 gives you access to all of them for the day. The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum was first. A really great place for people of all ages. We both knew that we loved his books, but we learned so much about the man, Theodor Geisel, his family and his life. For a small museum, we spent nearly two hours inside, and it seemed to go by quickly. We then sat in the Sculpture Garden with Coffee and Tea and enjoyed the sculptures, the beauty of the setting and the lovely spring weather.

After our Coffee/Tea Break, we went to the Museum of Springfield History, which of course turned out to be my favorite. I had not known the extent to which Springfield had been an Industrial City and was very interested to learn of the many historical figures and Companies, who came from Springfield. There were so many cool exhibits, once again we spent more time there, than we planned and it flew by – at least it did for me! Finally, we visited the Museum of Fine Art, which is presently home to a “Modern Portraits” exhibit, as well as some classic paintings. It was also interesting, but by that time I had tired of “Culture” and my thoughts had turned to the Lacrosse Game.

Since our visit was a surprise, we made sure Diana had left her apartment, before we went there to pick up Jon, who was visiting for the weekend. We had a nice chat and then headed to King Street, which borders Stagg Field. Yes, we got there early because I still like to see the warm ups. The vantage point was actually pretty good from outside the fence, up on the hill.

Not A Bad View. Doesn’t Debi’s Hair Look Nice?

We were joined by Jay, who had also made the trip from Long Island, just prior to the start of the game. The atmosphere was nice, if not “electric”, as there were only a smattering of us along the fence. A reminder that though the “Pandemic” may be receding, we are still not back to normal. I was very excited to see The Pride with a chance to win another NEWMAC Championship. But, it was not to be, this year, as Babson shot out to a quick lead that only continued to grow. By halftime they had more than a ten goal lead, thus putting the game into “running time”. The second half may have been slightly better, though it never approached being competitive, as The Pride fell by a final score of 22-4. Certainly not the way they wanted to end their season, but considering all of the Covid related issues they have had to fight through and deal with over the past year, I still think they should be proud of the overall body of work.

We briefly considered leaving without seeing Diana, knowing the disappointment she would be feeling and not wanting to intrude on any post game, team stuff. We decided to make a brief appearance, just to show our support. As a parent, you will take these visits anyway you can get ’em. It was good to give her a hug. As always, I am proud of the work she has done there (on the field and in the classroom – or the Zoomroom) and how she has handled some very trying times, including this tough loss. As we drove down Alden Street (for very possibly, the last time), it felt like when you are a page or so from finishing a chapter in a book. What will the next chapter be like? Only time will tell. One thing I do know, I am glad we made the trip. We still had a great day.

On Sunday, I again had to miss a game, because the schedules were in conflict. This time it would be the Girls game, I would go to. On another very nice day, our 3rd/4th Grade Girls hosted Malverne at Barnum Woods Elementary School. It has probably been ten years since I was at Barnum – probably the last game Diana played in PAL. I was thrilled to see that our officiating crew was the Father, Daughter team of Angelo and Nikki Carro. I have known them both for many years and they are excellent people and Officials. Nikki was Diana’s JV Lacrosse Coach at Clarke, also. It was nice to catch up with them and they did a terrific job of running the game – the right blend of instruction and not too many whistles. The two teams were very evenly matched and the score reflected that. Trailing by a goal as time was winding down, we got possession of the ball and were able to make a couple of passes before tying the game at 5, with one second left on the clock (no, I was not working the clock!)! The Girls were mildly excited. Most importantly, I think both teams competed hard and hopefully, learned a lot and had fun. They mostly went to the Playground, afterward.

Excited because we tied it up in the last second? Or because now they can go to the Playground?

Meanwhile, in Hicksville, the Hempstead Boys 5/6th Grade Team was winning its third straight game by a score of 7-1! I hated to miss it, but was happy to hear all of the details about how well it went – not really about the score. I did my best at Practice last night, to convince them that I don’t like the Girls Team more than I like them. I don’t know if they believe me. Wait til, this Sunday, when I have to be at the Girls Game again!

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