Mid-Summer Update

It has been more than two weeks since I posted about our trip to see the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit. It is not that I have not been doing anything, I just somehow got out of the rhythm of writing and posting. In at least one way, that is a good thing. Despite the Delta Variant, things have been returning more and more to pre-pandemic norms. For us that has meant a resumption of typical summer socializing. The past three weekends have all been filled with friends coming over for food, refreshments and swimming. We have also been invited to a dinner out with family and to a neighbor’s backyard barbeque. In the past I may have bristled at so much socializing, (I know, hard to believe, right!), but after nearly a year and a half of virtually none of it, I have been happy to get out and see some people, who we have not seen in a long time.

Last weekend also marked the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. While I am not nearly as into it, as I was years ago, I still like to check it out when I can. I especially enjoy watching sports that would not be considered, mainstream. Within the past few days I have caught the Men’s Triathalon, Women’s Water Polo and Volleyball and a smattering of Gymnastics Highlights. So far, I would say the Water Polo has been my favorite. I wish I knew what the rules were! They are impressive athletes, physically powerful, highly skilled and very tough.

Also, this past weekend I was able to squeeze in some Women’s Lacrosse! The Athletes Unlimited Professional Lacrosse League, made its debut on Fox Sports 1. It is a unique concept, with the players, essentially organizing and running the league themselves. And there are some big rules differences from the College Game. There are fewer players on a smaller field and a lot less whistles and stoppages. I was very impressed with the level of play and the intensity of the competition. I love that it is on Television and really hope they can establish a foothold and have it develop into a full blown league, as opposed to the current “choose ’em up” system. I found it very fun to watch.

Athletes Unlimited Professional Women’s Lacrosse! Definitely Worth Watching!

The past two Thursdays, I have travelled to Hempstead to help organize and coach a Lacrosse Clinic for Girls, ages 7 to 15. There is currently, no Girls Youth Lacrosse in Hempstead, and we are hoping this clinic might be the first step in establishing one. The first night, we had eight players and almost as many coaches. Last Thursday, we ended up with fourteen players! All but a couple of them, are learning Lacrosse for the first time. It has gone very well, so far, as the Girls have already shown nice progress and have been enthusiastic pupils, who all appear to be having fun. Several of the coaches are young women, who I have coached in the past, and I have been very happy and proud that they have gotten involved. I have really enjoyed it thus far, too. It has been awhile since I worked with brand new players. I have been reminded that t is not easy, but helping them get their start in Lacrosse, and seeing their excitement when they make some progress, is very rewarding! I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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