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A week ago, Sunday, I got myself over to Cantiague Park by 9am, to watch some Post Collegiate Women’s Lacrosse. It was a four team Fundraising Tournament and I was there to see the NYPD’s team, which is led by former TOGZ (and Molloy College and Island Trees HS) standout, Brianna Wilson, who has already been a City Cop for more than two years. I was pleasantly surprised that the Wilsons (Mom and Dad were also in attendance) were only the first people, that I knew. Kelly Clarke, an original “Tiny TOG” (who went on to be a terrific player at Oneonta) was playing on one of the “free agent” teams. It was great to see that she still plays with a smile on her face. Her Mom and Dad were also there. Then I noticed Allie Pfeiffer, who was an East Meadow PAL Teammate of Diana’s, back when it all began, before she went on to play at IUP and then at Molloy. Her Dad, John, who was Diana’s first coach, was there with his brother Vinnie, whose daughter is also on the NYPD team. I also saw the Lyndsey Ramos’ (who had a short but illustrious TOGZ career, before becoming the four year starter and All Conference Goalie at St. Joe’s) parents, who were there watching Lyndsey’s sister, playing for the PD. It was great to see the ladies still out there, playing. I was really impressed with the product on the field and with the entire event. It was definitely worth standing in the drizzle, to see the NYPD win the Tournament in Overtime!

We had our second Fall Girls Lacrosse Clinic Tuesday in Hempstead, which again went well, with plenty of coaches and twelve young players. The hour goes by quickly and we are running out of daylight, but the girls are good students who are determined to learn the fundamental skills. I returned home to grapple with the upstairs bathroom sink, which I had messed with earlier and unknowingly caused it to leak. I had planned on heading up to the Condo, on Wednesday, but that did not look good when I gave up on it for the night. After struggling for several hours on Wednesday, I ultimately prevailed, and we had a fully functioning sink/drain again. I decided not to leave until the following morning.

This was my nemesis for a full day!

I had a very nice ride upstate on Thursday and stopped in Saratoga Springs to buy a couple of Televisions for the bedrooms at the Condo. Everything went smoothly, and I was quickly back on my way to North Creek. Upon arrival, I did not get far with the new “Smart TV’s”, because we still do not have Internet Service. The next morning I called “Frontier”, the only Internet Provider in the area. I was on the phone for over an hour and accomplished absolutely NOTHING! I still have no concrete date when they will get around to installing service. I was just about to get out of the Condo for a hike, when I foolishly decided to tinker with the bathroom faucet handle, and promptly hurt my back. Not the worst spasms I have ever had but bad enough to confine me to walking (gingerly, at that) around the Complex. It wasn’t like being on a trail, but the views were pretty sweet.

I felt much better Saturday morning and decided to try a short, easy Hike. But, after the fifteen minute drive, I found the Trailhead to Meade and Beckman Mountain, was closed until December (probably because it is hunting season – better to not co-mingle those two activities!). After meandering my way back to North Creek, I ended up at the Gore Ski Bowl Park again. I was not ready for the Schaefer Foot Trail again, so I chose the Ski Bowl Connector Loop, which is a short, easy and pretty Trail, that encircles a good portion of the Ski Bowl (I am eager to see that place with snow on it). It was not even two miles and my back felt pretty good. The forecast called for rain and it looked like it might begin any moment.

Rather than return to the car, I ventured a bit further and eventually found the “Carol Thomas Walking Trail”, which takes you from the lower part of the park, alongside North Creek (the Creek, itself) as it runs parallel to Route 28 before passing under the roadway and ending up in the Library Parking Lot, on the edge of town. It was almost perfect timing, as the rain began to fall, just as I was returning to the car.

North Creek alongside the Carol Thomas Walking Trail.

After waiting out some very heavy rain, I finished off Saturday, with a Cheeseburger at “The Barking Spider” in town. It is a very unique place with no draught beer. The Cheeseburger was good, not great, but for $5.50 it was certainly “good enough”.

It wasn’t until I woke up, yesterday, that I decided to drive home, rather than wait until today. I have the first East Meadow Girls Lacrosse Clinic this afternoon (is 5pm afternoon or evening?), and I just thought it would be nicer to already be here, as opposed to possibly having to hustle back, to get there on time. Anyway, the ride home was really beautiful with the colorful fall foliage on full display. I got home in time to watch some bad NFL action (Giants vs Rams, ouch!), and do the NYT Crossword Puzzle. The week had not gone as planned, but it turned out pretty well.

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