Two Trips in One Week!

Lacrosse Season is in full swing now and there are more games than I can keep track of – though I keep trying. A week before Easter our Hempstead Boys travelled to Franklin Square to take on their unbeaten 5th/6th Grade Team. It did not take long for our guys to take control of the game and they played very well, once again, on their way to a 8-2 victory. It is exciting to see the improvement from week to week and to wonder how good they can become.

Getting Better Every Week!

After resting up on Monday, I was back on the road to Rochester for a couple of College Games. I arrived with enough time to check into my hotel (I have now been there often enough that the staff recognizes me) before hopping back in the car for a 25 minute ride to Roberts Wesleyan to see Mercyhurst play. I had been hoping to get to one of their games and was so glad I chose this one. As I pulled into the parking lot, I quickly recognized some familiar faces, tailgating, of course! It was great to see some of the old crew again. On an unseasonably warm and sunny day, the Lakers played the best game I have seen in quite some time and were almost dominant in defeating the 15th ranked home team! Diana and Jon made it for the final five minutes and we all enjoyed a series of short but sweet visits with former teammates, their parents and Head Coach Sam Struss.

It was great to see the Lady Lakers in Fine Form on their way to a big road win!

I was very happy to have dinner with Jon and Diana at The Landing in Fairport and then breakfast with Diana the next morning at The Landmark Diner, before she showed me around the Nazareth Campus and the surrounding areas. I returned to the Hotel and fit in a workout before heading back to Naz to check out the beginning of the Men’s Lacrosse Game, before the start of the Women’s Game. The Men were safely out in front of Alfred by the time the Women’s Game began. And the Women also jumped out to a quick lead over the visiting Keuka College Wolves. The only thing that slowed the Golden Flyers was the Lightning Delay late in the First Quarter. By the end of the game we had been rained heavily on, for at least an hour. A nice game for Nazareth, in which everyone got to play.

The Golisano Training Center on the campus of Nazareth College! Very Nice!
Great Night for Lacrosse!

After the game Jon and I brought Garbage Plates back to their apartment and waited for Diana to return from her post game duties. As always the visit seemed too short, but I was happy to have been able to make the trip. The drive home the next day was nice and dry, and I was back in time for the East Meadow Girls Lacrosse Practice – which was lightly attended due to the school holiday. Friday I put on my gardening hat (it is actually a lacrosse bucket hat!) and built three raised beds for this year’s garden.

After a day of yard work, Debi and I had dinner at The Salisbury Tavern, where the food is always delicious, the service great and you can count on bumping into at least a few people that you know (and actually are happy to see). This time was no different. Among the many friendly faces we saw, were Sean and Linda Irwin, who were there for Dinner and the Live Entertainment. When I mentioned to Sean, that we were driving up to Oneonta in the morning (for, what else, more lacrosse!), he said we should try The Roots Brewing Company on Main Street. So after a truly beautiful drive to Oneonta, that is exactly what we did. We had just enough time to enjoy some wonderful food and beer, before we had to find our way to the Lacrosse Field at Hartwick College (it is only a few minutes from Main Street).

Thanks for the good steer, Sean!

The forecast called for Heavy Rain, so we geared up and made our way to the Bleachers. Hartwick is a nice campus with great views (though this was not the best day for that). Maybe the Nazareth Women’s Lacrosse Team prefers to play in the rain. Once again they jumped out to a big lead to start the game and eventually get to “running time” (a 10 goal lead). They seem to be playing much better as they head into the final couple of weeks of their regular season. Hopefully, they will be playing their best lacrosse in May. By the end of the game it was Snowing as well as raining!

A Good Day for the Golden Flyers! Keep it rolling.

After a brief visit with Diana, we got back onto the road and got as far as Middletown, NY before stopping for the night. Being out in the elements, somehow tires you out even if you are just standing. We crashed early and were also up early and on the road home, before 8:30. By then it was sunny (though cold) and no real traffic to speak of. We got home with plenty of time to prepare for our Easter Brunch Guests, who began arriving at Noon. Although we did not have everyone, it was a very nice gathering – especially after such an active week!

It has been a great spring, thus far, with more fun on the way – Stay Tuned!

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