A Fun Filled Saturday

Saturday, I woke up early, as usual, in anticipation of our game that afternoon. I had enough time for a good gameday workout in the garage gym. I still arrived at Molloy early, where we enjoyed our Gameday Breakfast and a little “Hangman”, before loading up the vans and heading to Saint Thomas Aquinas (STAC), not much more than an hour away.

One of my favorite places, the Garage Gym! Not fancy but it gets the job done.

We had a nice ride up to STAC. The beautiful weather highlighted the natural splendor of the Palisades Parkway overlooking the Hudson River. We pulled onto the STAC campus with some time to kill, so we leisurely checked out the Men’s Lacrosse Game against Frostburg State. The Lady Lions made friends with the Frostburg supporters and later, some of the players. While most of the team was soaking up Vitamin D on the sideline a few of the ladies were exploring the creek that runs behind one end of the field. Amanda “Huckleberry Finn” Weber found snail shells, a golf ball with a leech on it and a twenty dollar bill!

The Lady Lions Fan Club from Frostburg State!

Finally, it was game time. We were not our sharpest at the onset, but we were able to dominate the game due to a relentless ride (or “re-defend”). By half time, the game was in “running time” (when leading by 10 or more goals). We did not surrender a goal in the second half and everyone got to play. Overall, I thought we played hard, though not always efficiently, against an overmatched squad, that only had one substitute player. While these types of games can be fun (obviously, when you are the better team), I think we are all looking forward to the upcoming part of the schedule, which will feature some much better competition. This Wednesday at Jefferson, is one of those games!

It was fun, but it is time for some tougher games. Let’s Go Lions!

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