Exciting Week!

I thought Monday’s practice was light, but still good. Tuesday we watched film of our next opponent, Franklin Pierce, went through the game plan and then had another good practice. As we left the field after practice, I was concerned about our game the next day. Not only was our opponent a solid step up in competition, it is more than a four hour bus ride, with the last 45 minutes being on narrow, winding and hilly roads. Same day travel is always a bit of a wild card, hence my concern.

Tuesday evening, I took a bit of a nap, so I could stay up to watch the “Blood and Money” episode about an old case I had in my former life. I was nervous, since I had not seen the episode and did not know what to expect. What would I look like? How would I sound? But while I was definitely nervous, I was also excited. It was so weird, seeing myself on TV and I am not sure I liked it. I thought the show came out very good. Whether I was okay, or not, well that I will leave to everyone else.

Yesterday, I was up early as always on Game Day! We gathered and got our breakfast, before boarding our bus. We were on the road by a little after 9am, almost as planned. The route was mostly free of any traffic slowdowns, so we made good time on the “Interstate” portion of the trip. The final part of the ride was not as smooth. As we wound our way through the hilly country, we started to hear that a number of the players were beginning to suffer from motion sickness. By the time we arrived at the Hannaford’s Supermarket, to get lunch, several of them were not looking too good. Thankfully, we were only a few minutes from Franklin Pierce, by then, and would still had plenty of time to get dressed, warmed up and hopefully regain our sea legs!

It was a beautiful, crisp, early spring day, just about perfect for lacrosse. Franklin Pierce University is nestled in the Mountains and boasts a large, beautiful (and still frozen) lake on their picturesque campus, which is also equipped with fine facilities.

My concerns about the effects of the bus ride, were quickly set aside, as the Lady Lions once again raced out to an early lead. This time, there were no let downs, in what was our most complete game of the season! We were able to sustain our energy and execute at a high level, for the full sixty minutes! The Lions were efficiently dominant in every facet of the game, against a strong opponent, whose record does not reflect how good they are. The final score of 18 – 6, accurately reflected Molloy’s dominance. There seemed to be a collective sense of satisfaction, with this game, which felt really terrific.

Post Game Locker Room!

So we have now won a program record, 8 consecutive games! While yesterday was very satisfying, we cannot be satisfied. This should not be the high point of our season. This was a big victory for us, but we have bigger games coming, like Mercy College at home, this Sunday! GO LIONS!

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