The Playoffs are set!

After the emotional rollercoaster of our game against Roberts Wesleyan, last Saturday, we had to endure the longest week of the season. The rest of our Conference would not be concluding play until yesterday, so the playoff situation would not be settled until then. So we had kind of a weird week of practice, and of course our final Non-Conference game against Caldwell, on Thursday.

Caldwell is not far away and the drive should only take about an hour and a half. But New York Traffic being what it is, of course it took us more like two hours – and that was for the two vans that arrived unscathed. Our third van was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on the Triboro Bridge (now the RFK Bridge). Several of our players were injured, though not seriously, thankfully. Needless to say, the game seemed a whole lot less important in light of the accident. I don’t think anyone could really focus on the game, in any normal way. Caldwell is not a strong team, and we were able to quickly establish a big lead and coast to a 20 – 5 win, during which everyone who was able, played. It didn’t feel like much of a victory.

So we had off Friday and met to watch film, at Molloy yesterday morning. Before we began, Coach Pepe informed of us the “tie breaker” scenarios for the playoff picture. Barring a D’Youville upset over Roberts Wesleyan, we would be the third seed and have to go back up to Rochester to play Roberts (the second seed). This information was not met with happiness amongst the players. Of course this has become reality, as Roberts defeated D’Youville yesterday (a game that many of us watched via Live Stream). So we will begin our preparation for the rematch, in earnest, on Monday (actually, I expect many of us will be watching film of Roberts, today. Though the idea of making the long trip back up there is not at all appealing, I feel that it is fitting in some way that we return there, seeking redemption for a game we feel, we let get away from us.

It feels great to be in the playoffs and finally know what is in front of us. The players may not be looking forward to the bus ride, but I hope they are excited about the opportunity we are now presented with. One of Diana’s old teammates (Grace Lawson) once said “you need to be playing your best lacrosse in May”. Tomorrow is May 1st. It’s time! LET’S GO LIONS!

It’s Time!

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