Home Opener!


All fall and then into the winter, this approaching lacrosse season has been looming if not lurking in my mind.  There are always strong feelings as a new season draws near, it is one of the great things about sports and one of the reasons, I have stayed involved long after I have stopped playing and continued coaching, when I no looonger coached my own children.  But this year is different, as it will be the final season for me, as just “Dad the Lacrosse Parent/Fan”.  So, this season there is the annual sense of renewal, hope, the lofty goals and expectations.  But there is also a feeling (which I generally try to suppress) that something big and great will soon be over.

Ready or not, it is now here!  And yes, I am excited about it.  After practice at Old Westbury on Friday morning, I went to Heavenly Bagels in Levittown and placed an order for an assorted dozen to be picked up at 7am Saturday.  I was up, showered, packed and out of the house early enough, Saturday, to be leaving Heavenly by 7:15.  Then it was me and XM Radio for the next seven hours – over the Throgs Neck and George Washington Bridges, west on Route 80 (for a long time), north on 79 and then west on 90.  I proceeded straight to Wegman’s for some provisions.  As I am walking to the car, I see two familiar faces.  Junior Attacker, Lacey Netti and her mom, Julie.  We all agree about how excited we are for the season to begin.  Lacey has been a starter since her Freshman year and should have a big season for the Lakers.  I head down Peach Street toward Mercyhurst, pretty pumped up.

I arrive at Diana’s apartment, with Bagels in hand.  It has only been about five weeks since she returned to school, but it is always so great to see your child, when it has been awhile.  I feel great as we share one of those bagels (with vegetable cream cheese) and watch a livestreamed  production of Navy vs. Towson, Women’s Lacrosse game.  We decide on The Brewerie for dinner, where we bump into Assistant Coach Sam Struss and her parents.  We both order burgers and at least, I devour mine, not realizing how hungry I was.  I drop Diana off downtown, so she can attend the Men’s Basketball Game vs. Gannon, and head to my hotel.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent the afternoon and early evening with my daughter.

2 thoughts on “Home Opener!

  1. Hi Bob… this is a great idea! Great memories to be cherished for years to come! It’s nice to remember those little details and feelings. I also had no idea how far you travel for games. That’s totally amazing. I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of our season!


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