Home Opener – Game Day

Sunday, February 24, 2019, the first game of the season is now only hours away and I am excited about it, though the weather forecast is UGLY! I get an abbreviated Hotel Workout in and take advantage of the complimentary breakfast (though it is not one of the better ones I have had). I decide to get ahead on the next blog entry, which I planned to post sometime after Sunday, but realize there is more content than I thought, so I make a separate entry (Post #2). When I check out of the hotel, the weather seems okay – maybe the forecast will be wrong.

I call my parents from the parking lot of the Barnes and Noble across from the Mill Creek Mall, to let them know that the game is going to be livestreamed! Inside B and N, they do not have the book I am looking for but I am intent on using my Gift Card from Christmas (thank you Christine!), so I settle on “Educated” by Tara Westover. By the time I leave the store, it is rainy, dark and windy.

I pull onto the Mercyhurst Campus and up to Tullio Field. I love to watch the warm ups. I feel like I need to see what the other team looks like and to gauge our team’s preparedness and intensity. I am also looking for any drills I may be able to use – I film the Lakers doing a cool variation of 3 v. 2 from up top, which I will definitely be using in the future! (I know I am bit over the top)

Despite the weather, which is going from bad to worse, the intensity and enthusiasm is really high amongst the players and the fans. And there is an impressive number of fans for this Home Opener.

Let’s talk a little Lacrosse. The Lakers were on fire from the start and Ursuline never really had a chance, though they battled to the end and seem to have fun throughout. The Lakers moved the ball upfield in transition, very well and the movement on offense was impressive. The enthusiasm and intensity never waned as everyone got in, and they cruised to 15-3 victory. The weather continued to worsen (the rain became some form of frozen precipitation and the wind was relentless), to the point that the referees ended the game more than 3 minutes early. As we head to the Tailgate party (in the Ice Arena Lobby, I begin to think about what the road conditions may be like).

The Tailgate was awesome, as always! All of the food was great, but its the “Love” and sense of family that brightens the faces and warms the hearts of all of the players who are packed into the Lobby. I don’t want to leave, but the weather is bad and I want to make it at least part of the way home, Sunday, so I can be at Old Westbury practice on Monday, and then an FLG Shooting Clinic on Monday night.

By the time I stop at a Hotel in Horseheads, I am getting a number of “What’s App” responses from the Laker Parents, about this blog. These responses make me feel good about the “blog” idea.

I made it to Long Island in time for practice. I had a great (though quick) dinner and visit with my parents and sister, before finishing the day off with two hours of shooting clinics. It was a tiring but still invigorating weekend! I am already looking forward to the next one!

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