Week Two 

It is Sunday morning and I am writing this at the table in Diana’s apartment.  She and her roommate, Spencer were gracious and hospitable enough to let me spend the night.  This not only saves the cost of a hotel, but creates some additional shared time, which I of course, I love.  So, I decided to get started on this entry, while Diana is out on one of her Gameday Rituals (Iced Tea from Dunkin Donuts).

Yesterday we woke to fresh snow on the ground, for the third time this week.  Except this time it was about three inches, not a dusting.  After a little car brushing, I hit the road at about 9am, under heavy overcast skies and have smooth sailing as I leave the Metropolitan area and head to Erie, PA for the Lady Lakers second game of the season, today against Tiffin University.

As I exit Route 80 to drive North on 79, I change the XM Radio from the Country Music (The Highway) that has sustained me to that point, to a variety of older (not Oldies, but Older!) music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (who remembers Til Tuesday?).  As if on cue, the cloud cover is gone and there is sunshine for the final leg of the trek to Mercyhurst.  Peach Street comes into view, and now I am getting excited.

I stop at Wegmans once again, for Tailgate provisions and then down to Diana’s apartment.  We get a quick visit in, before she has to get cleaned up to go to a team dinner at Nunzi’s.  I walk down to an Erie Icon, The Corner Stone Bar and Grill – known simply as “The Stone”.  I enjoy an adult beverage (okay maybe two) and a tasty burger, while I watch the locals and the plethora of sports events on TV.

So, it’s Gameday!  It is sunny and seasonably chilly in Erie.  Perfect weather for a lacrosse game.  Let’s go Lakers!

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