First Setback of the Season

After a delicious Breakfast at Dave’s Diner in Downtown Erie, yesterday, I did my best to give Brian a quick driving tour of Erie.  We ended up getting lunch to go from ” The Stone” and took it into Tullio Field as both teams began their warmups.  I noticed right away, that the Lakers were tight.  The ball was on the ground more than I had seen bforeany game this year.  Early in the game, Mercyhurst was tentative, if not jittery, while LeMoyne looked every bit the part of a defending National Champion.  The Dolphins were fast, physical and efficient in all parts of the game.  The Lady Lakers were able to hang in there but were unable to keep pace.  The final score was 16-8.  A number of the Laker players seemed to get stronger as the game went on, as though it had taken them awhile to find that high gear, that you must play in, if you are to compete with the best.  A disappointing loss, but one that offers hope for the rest of the season, as there were many bright spots throughout the contest.  The true measure of the 2019 Lady Lakers will be determined by what they do from this point forward.  I believe they will learn from the setback, and be stronger and better for it, down the road.

Diana matched up on Sydney Hall – her father Greg was a teammate of mine at Cortland

I had dinner with Diana and former Laker Goalie, Gabby Gravino (now a graduate student) at “The Stone” (I know, 2 times in one day!).  Di was ticked off by the game’s result, but had a positive outlook for the rest of the season.  We rehashed and analyzed the details of the game over dinner.  This was another opportunity for me to enjoy some time with my daughter and her friend, just the kind of thing I had been missing out on the past three years.  Just the kind of thing I was hoping for in this “Lax Odyssey”.

Sunrise in Erie!

I took “Hut” (AKA Brian) to the airport at 4:30 AM (yes that is very early).  We had a great visit and I think he enjoyed the game – his first lacrosse experience.  I am interested to hear about the conference his is attending and though we made no hard plans, we will stay in touch and hopefully, get together again, before too long.  I considered leaving for Long Island, right then but returned to the hotel and caught an hour or so more of sleep.  Upon waking (again), I decided to stay in Erie through Saturday, when they look to get back on the winning track in the PSAC (their Conference) opener against Bloomsburg.  

So I have not decided where to spend the next couple of nights, yet.  I asked Siri where the best coffee in Erie was, and headed to “Pressed”.  Which is a very cool coffee shop/book store across the street from beautiful “Frontier Park”.  I just finished reading “Educated” by Tara Westover (a beautifully written and powerfully courageous memoir).  So a bookstore doubling as a coffee shop, was perfect.  The coffee is excellent (and almost gone), and I have been able to write this entry, at this friendly place.

5 thoughts on “First Setback of the Season

    1. My thoughts exactly about the Lemoyne game.I feel it’s going to be a good measurement of what they need to fine tune.They now know they have the ability to play at a higher level. Thanks again Bob for a great reflection and glad you are enjoying this experience!!

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