What a Week!

When I decided to stay in Erie, I was not sure what I would do on Thursday and Friday, leading up to Saturday’s PSAC Home Opener against the Huskies from Bloomsburg University.  It has not been a problem, I have been anything but bored.  The highlight of Thursday was watching the Lady Lakers practice on Tullio Field.  On a downright balmy afternoon, I was delighted see the process behind the finished product we see on gamedays.  On the day after a physical and disappointing loss, the Lakers appeared energetic and positive, while still being focused and workmanlike.  The two hours flew by (perhaps only for me!) as I was impressed by the tempo, competitiveness and the attention to detail by the players and the coaches (I also stole a few excellent drills, that I will look to employ with my own teams – Hey, it’s allowed).  You can learn a great deal about a team, by observing how they practice.  What I saw was a team that holds itself to high standards, has a very strong work ethic, and most importantly, has a strong team culture built on authentic positivity.

Tight Knit!                                                                                        Photo by Dana Perna

After practice, I returned to my hotel room and finished the leftover Pizza (from Donatos on West 8th Street), and fell asleep early – remember I took “Hut” to the airport at 4:30am.  I took care of some details on Friday.  I got a workout in, did a load of laundry,  and spent the remaining balance on my Barnes and Noble Gift Card (thanks again Christine!) on two new books.  I felt guilty not going to the smaller, quaint and cozy “Pressed”, but I had that card, so…  The big development for the day, though, was me installing the Airbnb App and booking a room for $50 for Saturday night!  So in the span of a few days, my phone has two new App icons, since I added Uber the other day.  As I have mentioned, I am at times techno challenged, so this is really big news!

Friday night, I met Diana at Wegmans for dinner and then some grocery shopping.  We love the food at Wegmans, and being able to shop there, as well is great.  It is more of that precious “quality time”, just enjoying the company.  We stopped at an Auto Parts store, where I helped Di pick out the correct (we hope!) replacement wiper blades for her car – it feels good to be able to help, even if she doesn’t really need it.

So now it is Gameday, once again and I am back at “Pressed Books” for coffee and to get this post out!  I was up early and got breakfast and a workout in, before checking out of the Hotel.  I stopped by Diana’s place to help with the Wiper Blade replacement – which turned out to be a piece of cake (right Di!).  I drove down the hill to my Airbnb to check in.  I met Stephanie, who showed me the room in their very cool and beautifully renovated home.  I decided to stop in at my favorite Coffee/Book spot, in Erie.  So, the tailgate has begun outside Tullio and my attention is completely focused on the game.  How will the Lakers bounce back today?  I think, very well!  Here we go, Mercyhurst vs. Bloomsburg in the PSAC Opener!

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