Tuesday in Indiana, PA!

I was awake by 5am, and on the road just before 6am.  A huge and bright moon, made it seem later in the morning.  I quickly realized that I had not left early enough to avoid being re-acquainted with the morning “rush hour(s)”.  I adjusted my mindset to allow for the slowdowns and the stress that goes with it.  As I finally, crossed the George Washington Bridge and began to leave the congestion in the rear view mirror, I was thankful that I no longer have to endure that commute, on a regular basis.

As I settled into the drive, and began to happily anticipate another “Gameday”, I admitted to myself, the sense of detachment I had.  I feel very removed from the everyday goings on and the weekly training at FLG, and even more removed from the Old Westbury Women’s Lacrosse Team.  I was glad, yesterday, when Corey said that Small Group Training and Practices went well on Saturday, but it still feels strange.  Old Westbury will play their third game without me tonight at Bard.  I miss being involved on a daily basis.  At the same time, I am thoroughly enjoying this Lax Odyssey, and look forward to each, “next trip”.

A Classic!  And kind of fitting.

As always, I am buoyed by the phone conversations (thanks Debi and Diana!) and the satellite radio, which help pass the time.  Today is only the second time I will have been to Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and the first time coming from home.  So, the route is different and that also helps with the drive.  As I pass the massive Penn State Campus, I think of Franklin Square native and FLG Alum, and current standout, Nittany Lion Laxer, Nick Spillane.  I picture Nick working his lefthanded magic in their new lacrosse stadium!

The site of today’s game.

After almost exactly 6 hours, I arrive in Indiana, PA, which is the hometown of Hollywood Legend, Jimmy Stewart.  It is also the home of IUP’s Crimson Hawks, the alma mater of our old neighbor, and dear friend and member of the TOGZ, Natalie Morano.  I regret that I was never able to see one of the games where Diana and Natalie squared off.  It was one of the things that led to my embarking on this adventure.  It will be strange seeing the Hawks out there without Nat.

I am hoping the Lakers can find their identity today.  Or maybe more importantly, they need to get their “MOJO” going.  MOJO is that special something, that X factor.  It is fueled by confidence and assertiveness.  When it is present, a team has “swagger” and plays in a “flow state”.  Let’s Go Lakers!

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