This is the PSAC!

When it comes to Women’s Lacrosse, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) is one of the toughest in all of Division II. With 13 colleges from all parts of the state, there is an abundance of talented players and strong squads. Since, I became aware of the Conference, back when Diana first began looking at Colleges, I have noted the many close games, upsets and tight battles for playoff berths. If you play in the PSAC you had better bring your A game, no matter who your opponent is.

The Lady Lakers were grimly reminded of this yesterday, when they ran into the vastly improved (from a year ago) and highly motivated Bloomsburg Huskies. Mercyhurst raced to a 5-1 lead. But from that point forward, the Huskies outscored the Lakers 11-3, en route to a 12-8 decision at Tullio Field. The Lakers seemed to lose their way after the early lead and were unable to rally, once the lead was lost.

The post-game tailgate party was held inside again, due to the cold and wind (big surprise). It was a somber affair, as everyone just seemed deflated. The mood at the Party, later on, was somewhat better, though you could still feel the loss. It was very nice to socialize with the parents and players. Getting to know everyone, has been one of the best things about this Lax Odyssey. I took my inaugural Uber ride down to the Airbnb, and called it a night.

I was up fairly early this morning, got cleaned up, had a cup of Coffee, courtesy of Joe and Stephanie’s (Airbnb hosts) Keurig, and was on the road home by 9am. The long drive went smoothly and mostly without traffic (except for the GWB and Cross Bronx Expressway-but that goes without saying). I had a couple of good conversations with Diana, along the way, as we continued to dissect the game and discuss possible remedies. This is what we do. It has always been this way. I will miss it.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

When I arrive home for the first time in 8 days, there is Corned Beef in the oven (thank you Karl and Elise!). I had almost forgotten that it is Saint Patrick’s Day. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

Tuesday I will be at IUP, as the Lakers take on the Crimson Hawks! Let’s Go Lakers!

One more thing:

Mercyhurst Women’s Lacrosse has grown accustomed to success. They have played in the last five PSAC Championship Games and there has been lots of winning along the way. Now they have lost two home games in a row. Do not despair. Last season began badly and it looked like the Lakers would be lucky to make the PSAC Playoffs, let alone the Championship Game. But they rolled up their sleeves, showed their grit and turned the season around. It is still very early, and this is a talented team. They can turn it around. But it won’t just happen. It will take hard work, toughness and character. I believe in them.

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