I have been busy, since the last post.  Wednesday, I was in FLG HQ for the first time in I don’t know how long (I think 10 days).  Thursday, I was back with the Old Westbury Panthers for our game at Neumann University.  In terrible weather (cold and rainy) our girls put up a good fight, all game long.  Though we dropped a 17-6 decision, I was proud of the effort, especially, considering that we had No Subs!  Yesterday (Friday), I took care of a bunch of errands and got a workout in (I miss the Home Gym – AKA The Garage), before Debi came home (from a business trip to Florida).  I was able to do some FLG work from home, before we hit the road to Shippensburg, PA, for today’s game.

We endured some typical (and awful) Friday afternoon, NYC Traffic, and some torrential rain (mixed with hail or some other frozen form of precipitation), and made it to Shippensburg before 8pm.  We spent a couple of hours at the Hotel Bar, socializing with the many Laker parents, who have made the trip.  We even got to visit with our daughters, once the team arrived.  We really are fortunate to have such a terrific group of families, on this team.  Really good people, and fun to be around.  I was able to watch some of the Semi-Final round of the NCAA Wrestling Championships, and there was some fantastic wrestling.  I love that sport, and that event in particular.

So, it is almost time to head over to the Robb Sports Complex, for the game.  Our old friends, Janice and Clint Morano are coming to the game, as is former Laker Defender, Libby Montagne, Class of 2018!  I am looking forward to seeing them, almost as much as the game (yes, “almost”, just being honest).  Let’s see if the Lakers can keep that MOJO rolling!  Go Lakers!

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