Debi and I arrived at the Robb Sports Complex in time to mingle with many of the Mercyhurst families, who had traveled to the game. I took in the pregame warm-ups, and realized once again, it is always colder out at a game. For the second Saturday in a row, the Lakers raced out to an impressive early lead, this time 6-1. And for the second Saturday in a row, they relinquished that lead, and went on to lose the game. Give Shippensburg credit. After a timeout, with 15 minutes left in the first half, they outscored Mercyhurst 12-4! The defeat, left the Lakers dejected and searching for answers. The post game, parking lot gathering was brief and not at all, festive. Though for the Schmitt family, our spirits were lifted by the presence of our former neighbors and very close friends, Janice and Clint Morano, who had made the trip from Virginia. It was also great to see Libby Montagne, there to support her former teammates.

A tough loss, made a little better by old friends!

After saying goodbye to Diana and the rest of the Lakers, we met the Moranos in town at the Appalachian Brewing Company, for lunch. It is a very cool place with excellent food and beer. We lingered over a terrific meal, and got caught up on the latest news about our families. We had not seen each other in nearly a year, and yet it seemed as if we had not missed a beat. That is a sign of a true and great friendship. It was so good to visit with them, but still difficult to say goodbye, when it was time to leave – we all look forward to the next visit.

A really good place. Check out Clint’s review, on Yelp!

The Moranos headed home and we headed back to the hotel. With the help of “WhatsApp”, we met the Boettchers and the Murphys in the hotel lobby. Three couples of Long Island lacrosse parents, hanging out commiserating if not agonizing over the game. Somehow, we had a lot of fun. Two days in a row, we have a really great time socializing with Laker Parents. I am really loving this experience.

Tomorrow, I will be with the Old Westbury Panthers for our last non-conference game, at Ramapo College in New Jersey. I will likely meet the team at Ramapo and leave from there, to drive to Rochester on Tuesday, for the Lakers’ game at Roberts Wesleyan. I know this team has had its struggles, but they have also shown tremendous potential. It is still early in the PSAC Schedule, plenty of time for them to right the ship. They selected the motto or mantra “All In” for the season. “All In” means everybody, giving everything they have, all of the time – no coasting, full speed. If they can live the mantra, they will fix this.

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