Next Time, Stop and Take Photos!

After the Roberts Wesleyan game on Tuesday, I booked a room in a Fairfield Inn in Geneva, NY.  My desire to get in a Marriott (always in it for the points), ended up taking me much further south and away from Interstate 90, than I had anticipated.  Wednesday morning, I got a workout in, had breakfast (once again, complimentary – kind of key!), got cleaned up and hit the road, interested in which direction the GPS would point me.

I followed the GPS, which directed me south on Route 14.  My goal was, to arrive on Long Island, in time for practice at Old Westbury – 2:30pm.  I was skeptical, as I was now on unfamiliar, local routes.  I am not sure why, but, I was rewarded with some spectacular views of Seneca Lake (one of Central New York’s Finger Lakes), to my left as I drove south.  The slopes that descend down to either side of the lake are covered mostly with vineyards – acres and acres of vineyards!  It is beautiful country, and I felt fortunate to have landed in Geneva, the night before.  I regret, not having stopped, to take some proper photos, and I apologize.

After reaching the southern tip of Seneca Lake, the winding, local roads inched me ever so slowly toward the familiar Interstate 86 (AKA the Southern Tier Expressway).  A few miles before the junction with I86, I was snaking my way through Montour Falls, when I was startled by a roaring, cascade of water, tumbling down a sheer rock wall alongside the right side of the road.  For the second time, I should have stopped and snapped a couple of photos, but did not, and again I apologize.  But here is a stock photo of at least one of the Falls in that area (not really sure it is exactly the one, I saw).

I made it back to the Island, for practice and have now been at practice, three days in a row, for the first time in awhile.  I feel re-connected to the Panthers and hope we are turning a corner, as we head into Conference play, this week.  In between practices, I was able to be productive on some FLG tasks.  I also had some good workouts in “The Garage” – There is no place like home (sometimes).

During the week, the Lakers Parents “WhatsApp” was busy with all of the many goings on, that are related to the team and its schedule.  This App has been informative and very entertaining, and this week became inspriational.  First, Coach Ed Greenway sent out a post game address that really put things in perspective and put us all on the road to “bigger successes”.  On Wednesday, Julie Spinelli, relayed her 5 Point Plan for the Lakers to be truly successful, this season and beyond.  Thanks to both of you and, Let’s keep the positivity flowing!

After, practice this morning, Debi and I loaded the CRV and headed to West Chester, PA.  West Chester is home to the Golden Rams of West Chester University, a perennial power in the PSAC and DII Women’s Lacrosse.  The Golden Rams are highly ranked again this year and certainly the favorite against the Mercyhurst Lakers, tomorrow at 1pm.  Since Diana has been a Laker, they have always played their best when the chips are down, and against the best competition.  I expect exactly that, tomorrow.  Let’s Go Lakers!

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