West Chester Weekend

Upon our arrival at our hotel, on Friday, I was able to do some FLG work before Debi and I headed downstairs to be social. Several of the Laker families were already at the hotel, and we met at the bar that was attached but not really part of the hotel. This was a small gathering that did not last long. After dinner, a larger BYOB gathering formed in the Hotel Breakfast Area. One of the best things about this Lax Odyssey, has been these social gatherings, where I have gotten to talk to the many people, who make the trip to support the team. This Lady Lakers Team, has a faithful following, of Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Brothers and Sisters, and Aunts and Uncles. I have been so impressed with our numbers at these games!

Good times, with good people!

Saturday morning, I did some more FLG work via my Kindle, in the Hotel Room, before getting into the Gym for a workout. Debi and I had Breakfast, where we had a great chat with Kira Kolb’s paternal grandparents. We got cleaned up and headed towards West Chester University. The GPS struggled with the directions, which led to several U-turns, which was annoying, to say the least – add to this, that Julie Spinelli and Jack Netti were following us, the entire way (sorry again)! We arrived at Vonnie Gros Field, just in time for my pregame interview with Ed Greenway, the Legendary Voice of the Lady Lakers.

The Laker Faithful turned out in impressive numbers, once again. Among them, were my Aunt and Uncle, Jane and Paul Gannon, who made the 3 and a half hour trip from Newburgh, NY. The Lakers jumped out to a 2-0 lead and the Golden Rams called Timeout. From that point forward, West Chester took control of the game. They would ultimately earn an 18-11 victory. There were many positives to take away from the Lakers’ effort, and they appear to heading in a good direction. They will need to maintain their focus and take it one game at a time, if they are to make a run at a post season berth.

Our post game visit with Diana was brief but nice, considering the outcome of the game. After the Lakers loaded their stuff and themselves onto the bus and settled in for the long ride back to Erie, we went back to the hotel with Jane and Paul following us (no U-turns, this time). The four of us had a wonderful visit over dinner, and then back at their room. It was so nice to spend time catching up with them. We were able to extend the visit through breakfast this morning, before we both headed for home.

Partial Family Reunion!

I have a very busy week ahead, stay tuned, it should be fun!

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