Home Sick!

Last night, I was informed by various members of my family that there is a “24 hour rule” when it comes to illnesses that include a fever.  Apparently, it reads something like this – until you are fever free for at least 24 hours, you are still contagious and should try to minimize contact with others.  I begrudgingly accepted this obscure “rule” and when I still had a fever at 7pm, agreed that I would not insist on making the trip to Erie for today’s game against Seton Hill.  I was disappointed to say the least.  The Lax Odyssey, was supposed to be every game.  There weren’t supposed to be any fevers or anything else.  I had been considering flying Jet Blue from JFK to Buffalo to make the trip less difficult, but in the end the fever won out.  Still, when I woke this morning around 5am, I felt pretty good (turns out I was probably fever free by then) and considered hitting the road anyway.  But I had promised, so back to sleep I went.

When I woke for good, my suspicions were confirmed, I was fever free.  It was already too late, even to fly, and the “24 hour rule” was still not satisfied.  So, I continued to rest and recover, determined to resume the Odyssey in Millersville, this weekend.  All day, I sat around, reading and waiting in anticipation for what I hoped would be a Live Streamed production of today’s game from Mercyhurst.  As gametime approached, I donned my Laker Wear and after some early difficulties, was able to get the Live Stats first and then the Live Streamed game!

I had forgotten how stressful and sometimes frustrating watching a game this way, could be.  I used to be fine with it, because it was mostly all I knew, since I could rarely get to the games in person.  This year has been different.  Until today, I had been at all of the games.  I much prefer to be present.  This was a typical PSAC Weekday Game.  Both teams were in the middle of the standings, and had much on the line.  It was a tight battle, with both teams owning small first half leads before going in halftime tied at 6.  In a scrappy second half, in which goals were tough to come by, the Lakers would eventually grab a 13-9 lead, before coming away with a 13-10 Final Decision.  A hard fought, well earned victory over a strong opponent – just what the doctor ordered! (No I did not go to a doctor)

Live Streamed from Tullio Field!

So, the Lady Lakers have gotten things going in a good direction and have won some tough games that required them to play a full 60 minutes.  Not being there, today, made it crystal clear to me, that this Lax Odyssey was a very good idea.  My absence served as a reminder of how much I have enjoyed this season.  Between the communication on WhatsApp and the Crowd Noise that came through on the Live Stream, it felt a bit, like being there!  Thanks Everyone.  The season is really heating up, and I am looking forward to this weekend in Millersville!

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