Wild Turkey!

After the midweek illness that kept me from Wednesday’s game in Erie, I was especially ready for the Friday-Sunday trip to Millersville, PA, where the Millersville Marauders were hosting the Mercyhurst Lakers on Saturday (today).  Debi and I arrived in the early evening yesterday, and in what has become something of a custom, we were joined by several Laker parents for a nice social gathering down at “The Bistro”.  It was great catching up, once again, and analyzing the weekend matchup.

After a nice breakfast, we began the 30 minute ride to Millersville.  In beautiful spring weather, (finally shorts weather) we snaked our way over and through some pretty scenic hills and valleys. About 5 minutes from the destination, as we were in a downhill curve, a Wild Turkey abruptly crossed the road right in front of us.  This is not something, we see on the average day, at home!  It happened too fast, so sorry, no photo. 

Upon arrival at Millersville University, we found the irrepressible Laker Nation, gathered in the parking lot, enthusiasm was high.  Millersville is a pretty town, and the college campus is very nice, with up to date athletic facilities.  It is a very nice place to watch a game.

The game was a tightly played affair, that might best be described as a defensive struggle, with the Lakers owning a 5-4 lead at the half.  Mercyhurst was able to surge in the second half, while continuing to play lockdown defense, as they notched a tough 10-7 win – their fourth in a row.  Throughout the game, we were joined by Natalie Morano, our old neighbor, former IUP Crimson Hawk and pretty much a member of our family.  A highlight of the post game, was seeing Diana and Natalie, greet each other (it has been a long while, in between visits).

Best Friends!

The Post Game Tailgate was especially nice today, as the weather seemed to make everything better and everyone, happier.  It was Assistant Coach Struss’ Birthday, complete with singing and cake!  As always, the atmosphere was beyond warm and friendly.  Kudos to the Laker Nation for making the Lady Lakers feel loved and at home, no matter where they actually are!

Hurst is Home!  Even on the road!

As the team headed for the bus, and their long ride back to Mercyhurst, the Tailgate was quickly broken down, and everyone began to make their way home.  With another game, now in the books, and only four regular season games left to play, I am again feeling that sense of the inevitible end, bearing down.  It has been a great ride, so far, this season and there is still a lot to look forward to, but now it is mid April, graduation is less than four weeks away!  I am trying hard to stay in the moment and enjoy each one of them.

2 thoughts on “Wild Turkey!

  1. Four more games…plus playoffs! Remind us of the playoff format, top six are in and top two get a bye to the semi’s?


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