Sorry, no photos

It is Friday just before 5pm (yes I know it is 5 o’clock somewhere, and will be here, soon!) and I am seeing all of the activity on WhatsApp, and feeling a bit left out. But, we are heading down to Kutztown tomorrow morning. Though I don’t have any photos, I decided to share some of the reflective thoughts I had on the drive home yesterday.

First, it was great to see those of you who were able to make the game in Edinboro on Wednesday. I am always impressed with how much of the Laker Nation shows up at the weekday games, and really enjoy getting to visit before, during, and after the game.

I think it was about midway through the second half, when Coach Cooke began to substitute en masse. When Diana came off the field, a strange feeling came over me. I looked out on the field and thought to myself, “that is the future, out there”, and though I smiled and was genuinely happy for all of those players, I realized that Diana won’t be part of that “future”.

I could have been consumed with sadness, but my attention was almost immediately drawn to a wonderful sideline scene. The players who had come out of the game, were enthusiastically supporting the players who had replaced them. I was very much struck by how “into it”, they all were. To me, this speaks volumes about the many levels of leadership and true team spirit of these Lady Lakers. The fabric of this program is very strong and I believe the future will be bright!

Back to the present. The Lakers have two guaranteed games left. Tomorrow’s regular season finale at Kutztown (never overlook a PSAC opponent – especially on the road!), and a first round PSAC Playoff game at Tullio Field on Tuesday! I can’t wait!

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