This is starting to get Good!

This morning, I had to really think hard about what day of the week it was.  Once I became certain that it was Wednesday, I was able to recall that the last blog entry was on Monday.  So, yesterday (Tuesday) I actually had some time to do some yard work (not really a big fan, btw), get into the garage for a workout, and then get my stuff together – first for the Old Westbury game at St. Joe’s, at 5pm – but also, whatever I would be needing to take with me to today’s Mercyhurst game at Edinboro (which is only about a 20 minute drive south from Mercyhurst).  I got out to the game, early and was able to get a quick visit in with St. Joe’s Goalie, former TOGZ player, Lyndsey Ramos.  Unfortunately, catching up with Lyndsey, turned out to be the highlight of the night.  It was a disappointing game for the OW Panthers, though not without its positives.  We played well in all facets of the game, but only at times.  Inconsistency has plagued us, all season.

I had thought about beginning the trip to Edinboro, last night after the game, but decided to leave this morning, hoping to take advantage of the fact, that most schools are on break, making traffic lighter.  It worked out well, as the “get out” went very smooth, and the drive was nice.  Now that it is Stanley Cup Playoff time, I listened mostly to the NHL Radio Network, until it became too repetitive and I switched to a variety of music stations.  I was able to get to Erie, in time to make another pick up from Diana – this time before she had to get to the locker room to get ready.

I had enough time to check into a Hotel and then travelled on a local road, to Edinboro.  The ride was through a couple of very nice small towns.  The campus is quite expansive and beautiful.  I arrived at “Sox Harrison Stadium” in time to watch the warm ups and chat with members of the Laker Nation, who would be in attendance.

Nice Stadium on a beautiful campus!

The Lakers played very well today, in all phases of the game.  It was a thorough, perhaps dominant performance, in which a large number of players saw the field.  I had been concerned that there may be a letdown, after such an intense and emotional victory on Saturday, but Mercyhurst was focused and intense, once again, coming away with a 15-4 triumph.  I only got a short visit in with Diana, before the team bus headed to SHEETZ for dinner!  No matter how brief, it is always great to see her.  So back to the hotel, I went, to write this.

It was tempting! But I am still working off Easter Brunch!

So, the Lady Lakers are now 11-5 overall and 8-3 in the PSAC.  They have come a long way from March 30, in West Chester, when they had just lost their 3rd straight game and were in 11th place in the Conference.  They have won 7 games in a row, and have clinched a playoff berth and a first round Home Game!  Kudos, to the entire squad, for showing their true character.  They stuck together when things looked bad, and stayed with their process.  Last weekend, former Laker Attacker, Grace Lawson said “you need to be playing your best lacrosse in May”, and she pointed out, that Mercyhurst has been that kind of team for a number of years, now.  With one last PSAC regular season game remaining (Saturday at Kutztown) this edition of the Mercyhurst Women’s Lacrosse Team, is beginning to look like they may be ready to join those teams of the past.

The things you can learn on the Edinboro Road!

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