Things Have Changed

This time last week, I was a bit surprised at some of the things going on relative to the Corona Virus, especially the Ivy League and NESCAC cancelling their spring sports seasons. It seemed to be an over reaction, or at least premature. I was planning on attending the Molloy vs. Dominican game on Thursday, when I learned that, spectators would be limited to those on a predetermined list (I was going to see about getting on that list), before I could inquire, I saw that the game was cancelled, altogether. Since then, all sporting events have been cancelled or suspended (at least as far as I know).

As this has unfolded (or exploded) my thoughts about this Pandemic, have evolved. At first, I was angry at all of the cancellations and suspensions. I thought it was much ado about something that was not that bad. “The flu has infected and killed more people”, “four out of five cases are mild”, “how bad can it be, if some people who get it, don’t have any symptoms”. I was ticked off that there would be no games to go to, or even watch from home. I felt so bad for the players and their families (especially the Seniors), whose seasons were ended so abruptly – taken away, before they could put their stamp on it.

Since last Thursday, as “Co-Vid19” has taken on a life of its own, I have begun to have different perspective. I began to realize that I had been looking at this thing through a selfish lens. There was panic buying and frightened elderly people and the threat of the nation’s hospital system being overwhelmed, thus threatening the well being of who knows how many people. The magnitude of this crisis has finally sunken in (thick skull).

I still feel bad for the players and coaches for all they have lost, but I encourage them to think of it, not as what they did not get to do (Senior Days, Playoffs etc.), but rather, to focus on all that they did get to experience together. The memories of those experiences and the relationships that go along with them, can last a lifetime. Not even a pandemic, can take them away.

Courtesy of Ed Greenway’s Twitter Account

“Social Distancing”, “shelter in place”, “quarantine”. How do we handle all of this? I don’t really have the answer, but I am retired and have some experience with having extra time on my hands (don’t tell Debi!). Some suggestions: Embrace this time to slow down, notice and enjoy the little things – it’s just about springtime, and things are happening out there. “We are all in this together”, I have heard that a lot the last few days, believe it and commit to doing your part (that means doing your best to help stop the spread of the virus). Think of, and help others when you can.

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