Difficult Times

Five days ago, I posted, that things had changed. Well, since then the Corona Virus has pretty much taken over our lives. I am not sure if that is true for all of you, but it is true here. Every facet of life, has been effected. Back in the late fall and early winter, we heard about it, but it was in China and seemed very far away. Not anymore, it is here, and in a big way.

We have been trying to stay positive and busy, but that is easier said than done and it gets more difficult with each passing day. I am trying to stay informed, but not get consumed by the “News”. I have been working out (it is one of the benefits to the “Garage Gym”) regularly and trying to adhere to a routine (I heard that is supposed to be good for you in this type of situation).

Yesterday, was a miserably, cold and wet day which only worsened my already lousy mood. After a bunch of really nice weather, it was a stark reminder that the Corona Cloud was still here. I went to Costco (the 3rd or 4th attempt, since this all began) and was quickly encouraged, when I saw no line or crowd out front at 9am. My spirits were lifted, as I realized that everything was orderly and the place was not crowded at all. While some items were nowhere to be found (toilet paper), the shelves were mostly well stocked. I breezed through in less than an hour with almost everything, I came for.

No crowds or lines, but plenty of supplies, at Costco!

As the day wore on, I slipped back into a less than stellar mindset, as I struggled to find things to be positive about. One positive byproduct of this crisis, is that family dinner has returned, and for that I think we are all grateful. Another nice thing, that has become more prevalent in my life is the connective benefits of our electronic devices. We have been making a point of staying connected or getting re-connected with friends and family. So after another very nice evening meal, Debi and I had a Facetime appointment with our former neighbors, and dear friends, Janice and Clint Morano. It was not like the old days of sitting out in the driveway, or in one of our backyards, but hey, in the age of CoVid-19, I’ll take it! We had a great time, catching up on each other’s lives, a little reminiscing and setting some future plans to get together. During the power outage after Hurricane Sandy, our families had “hunkered down” together. It felt good to “hunker down” again.

Good Friends are never too far away. Especially, with Facetime!

The weather and my mood, are both much better today! Even in tough times, maybe especially, in tough times, it is important to stay connected with the people you are closest to. We are all in this together and we need to lean on, and be there for each other.

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