It’s Not All Bad

As the Corona Virus Pandemic and all of the restrictions that go along with it, continues, it is easy to be consumed by negativity. Like I said last time, I have not been watching The News, all that much, but I do watch and read some of it. And, as was true even before Covid-19 took over the world, most of The News, as presented by the various media outlets, tends to be BAD! Here are some of my recent favorites:

  1. After a “Senators Only” meeting, at the onset of the outbreak, several of those fine elected officials liquidated their investments in the Hotel Industry. Ask Martha Stewart if that is Insider Trading!

2. As the Health Care system approached the tipping point, non-emergency surgeries were put on hold. So how is it that MLB Pitchers, Noah Syndegard (NY Mets) and Chris Sale (Boston Red Sox) both had their Tommy John surgeries? I hope neither of them, ever win another game.

3. And this was today’s entry – While the rest of us have been asked (or was it told?) to refrain from such selfish and vain things like Haircuts, Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot got hers cut. Of course when confronted with the obvious contradiction, she explained how it was ok for her, as she is in the public eye and takes her personal hygiene very serious. She is the frontrunner for the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Award.

With the constant barrage of ominous statistics and scary predictions and stories like the ones above, it has been a daily, internal challenge to focus on the positive things that are present in my life. Some of these things have been:

  1. Family Time has returned. On the days that Elise does not work, we have been able to have dinner together. It has made me remember how nice it used to be, when we were able to do this almost all of the time. Simply, spending time together has been very pleasant.
  2. Walking. With “sheltering in place”, “self-isolation” and “quarantining”, all of us (and so many others) have taken advantage of some beautiful spring weather and the loss of so many other activities (which are now off limits), by taking long walks. This has been a great way to get outside (Vitamin D Therapy for the immune system), get some exercise and hopefully, notice the wonderful signs of spring (it is still happening, despite the Virus!).
  3. Increased attention to the Fitness Regimen. In our house, we are fortunate to have “The Garage”. It isn’t pretty, and certainly not plush. But it is Practical and meets the needs of everyone living here. Accompanied by the adrenaline boosting, Classic Rock tunes of Q104.3, these daily workouts have been a head clearing Godsend, for which I am extremely grateful.

Nothing Fancy, but it Gets the Job Done!

There have been some encouraging numbers, the past few days, which have led me to be cautiously optimistic (ok probably more cautious than optimistic). I am trying to be a “Dealer of Hope” (I am borrowing that term from Coach Greenway), and am indeed hoping that Good News is coming soon!

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