What Day is Today?

As this Global Health Crisis continues, my days have begun to meld together, with little to differentiate one from the other. Me and Karl are both home, and not working, for the most part. As a Nurse, Elise’s work schedule is not weekly. While we have been doing our best, to do our part, in stopping the spread of the Corona Virus (“flatten the curve”), I have been trying to maintain a routine of fitness and at least trying to be productive – in that household maintenance sort of way. I try to watch the News no more than once a day, and confess that some days I cannot bring myself to watch at all. The past few days, I have woken up, needing to take a moment to remember what day of the week it is.

Before all of this took over the world, I had planned on being in Oneonta today, for a Women’s College Lacrosse game between Oneonta and Hartwick. I was really looking forward to the trip and getting to see three former TOGZ players in action. Kelly Clarke is a Senior at Oneonta, Ashley Jablonowski is a Senior at Hartwick and Gina Marie Wilson is a Junior at Hartwick. It would have been awesome to see them and hopefully their parents, all again. Instead, I am home trying to keep a positive outlook on this whole thing.

I don’t love the fact that Diana is not home with us, since you always want those closest to you to be nearby, during tough times. But I know she is better off riding this out where she is, as there are so many fewer cases there, than we have around here. On the days that Elise works, I find myself anxious for her to return, healthy in body, mind and spirit – no small thing .

Our Hero, Nurse Elise!

I find that I am always looking for signs of Hope. The arrival of the The Comfort, in New York Harbor, the temporary hospitals that are going up all over, industrial mobilization to make masks and ventilators. These are all good signs, I think. Like everyone else, I am hoping for some good news about “the curve”, soon.

It was so much more fun blogging about road trips and lacrosse games !

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