We got off to a bit of a slow start on Friday the 13th. I made a blog entry (The Grand Canyon of the East) about our trip to Letchworth State Park, and again I was rusty and experienced some technical difficulties, which really slowed the process (I am hoping for better this time). I did have a nice egg sandwich for breakfast at the Courtyard by Marriott ($64/night!), which was quite an improvement over the “Covid Continental” breakfast offered at the Fairfield Inn in Geneva.

By the middle of the day we decided to go for a walk in Highland Park. It was cloudy, windy and chilly. As we neared the park, we realized we had been there before. On a nicer day at least two years ago, we went there prior to seeing Diana and the Lakers play in a Fall Ball event at nearby Nazareth College. While, not the nicest day, we enjoyed walking the beautiful grounds and taking in the views from the high ground, up by the reservoir that sits atop the park. When the rain began to fall steadily, we decided to cut it short and head back to the Hotel.

Old Glory, flying high at Highland Park!

We finished watching the movie, “The Peanut Butter Falcon” on Netflix and Debi’s Kindle. What a good movie! After that, we pretty much waited until Diana and Jon came to the hotel with an awesome BBQ Dinner (from Good Smoke). It was great, as always to see, and get to visit with both of them.

We had a leisurely, Saturday morning, before heading to the quaint, historic town of Pittsford, where we met Jon and Diana for a waterside lunch. This was our much anticipated, first taste, of a Signature Roachester Dish – “The Garbage Plate” (from ER Hots). This version of “The Garbage Plate” (I am told it is a traditional version) consisted of Macaroni Salad, Steak Fries, 2 Cheeseburgers, topped with yellow mustard and ketchup, all smothered with a finely ground spicy meat sauce! We both loved it! I am already looking forward to my next one.

Garbage Plate! Delicious!

In an attempt to “walk off” the Garbage Plates, we took about a 3 mile stroll along the Erie Canal. Scenic and historically informative, it was a great walk. But it was the company that really made great! Of course, Diana and I noticed a field that had a number of lacrosse goals out on it and that the goals were of graduated sizes. That is a good sign that youth lacrosse in that area, is in good hands and probably going in a good direction.

We went back to the hotel briefly, before making a forty minute drive (south and west, I think) to Honeoye Falls, to have dinner with Jon’s Mom and Step Dad, at their place. It was a beautiful ride into the countryside and we enjoyed a really nice visit and dinner with them. We took it slow on the drive back to the hotel, mindful not to hit any of the plentiful deer that we saw along the way.

Yesterday, we were on the road home by 8am. The return trip was smooth and pretty much, without traffic (chalk that up to Covid). Somehow, going home is never quite as nice or exciting as going away. When we stopped for fuel on the Thruway, just south of the Tappan Zee Bridge, we both noticed that we were already fully caught up in the “Metro Pace”. This only added to the semi-sadness that was setting in. Still, we were both happy to arrive home. We felt grateful to have been able to get away and we fully enjoyed our trip to The Finger Lakes Region (The FLX) and Rochester.

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