Ordinary Week?

I really enjoying writing this blog. I really enjoy the interaction and commentary that follows each entry, too. I did not make an entry for such a long time, because I felt that most of what I was doing, just wasn’t that interesting. Last week was easy. There were State Parks filled with waterfalls, great scenery and wildlife. We had great food with great people. Lots of material, last week. But what about this week. Someone suggested that the “ordinary” might actually be “interesting”. So, let me tell you about, what has been a pretty ordinary week (at home) for me.

There are plenty of errands for me to run, most of which is some sort of shopping. Tuesday morning I took Debi to the LIRR. After a workout, I went to Trader Joe’s for some key Thanksgiving items (specifically their Gluten Free Stuffing). I then stopped at the Butcher in Carle Place for our weekly supply of meat (we started this when it was difficult to find meat and stores were super crowded – it is expensive but the quality is so much better). Wednesday I went to Stew Leonards for Salmon and I picked up some wine and champagne for Thanksgiving. This is not a complete listing, merely a sampling of the “errands”.

The Line at Trader Joe’s. Only about 15 minutes.

I workout in the garage five or six days per week, usually. This week has been no exception. I also try to be reading a good amount each day and am always looking for ways to improve myself (lots of room for that). Wednesday, I tuned in to the Lead Positive Conference, hosted by Jon Gordon, via Facebook. Four hours of motivating, inspiring and energizing speakers, that seemingly flew by (if only I had a team to be coaching, right now).

Jon Gordon’s Lead Positive Conference. Notice the Lacrosse Stick behind him on the left.

Sadly, my yesterday was dominated by a Wake for the son of a friend and former co-worker. I travelled into Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for this somber event. Can you still be happy to see people, when the occasion is something so terrible? I guess those are truly “mixed emotions”.

I returned home in time to sign in to a Zoom meeting, hosted by the East Meadow Public Library. “Maritime Smuggling on Long Island – From Pirates to Rumrunners” by Bill Bleyer, was very good. I never knew how much Bootlegging revolved around the South Shore of Long Island, during Prohibition. Among the many interesting characters, involved, were Dutch Schultz (apparently, he had a Headquarters in Patchogue) and Bill McCoy (where the term “Real McCoy” comes from). I am probably going to purchase Bleyer’s book. You know you are getting old, when you start doing things offered by the Library!

Arthur Flegenheimer, Better Known as Dutch Schultz

One night earlier in the week I took something out to the garbage, on the side of the garage. As I walked back to the front door, I took a moment to notice a pretty nice sunset, highlighted by a sliver of a moon, already shining bright. For once, I thought to snap a photo of it.

Ok, so it’s not a Waterfall. It’s still Pretty Nice!

So, I don’t know. How interesting was this “ordinary” week? It certainly wasn’t bad. I managed to enjoy myself a good amount. I will conclude with an example. This morning I was making my way through a routine if not lackluster workout. I was pedaling at about 70 RPM’s when “Get Back” by The Beatles (an all time favorite) came on the radio (Q104.3 FM). Within seconds, I was up to 75 RPM’s and starting to feel great. I noticed how nice it was outside and began looking forward to the rest of the day. That song changed my outlook and probably my whole day. Is that ordinary?

Not My Favorite Version of “Get Back”, but it will do.

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