Still Grateful

I woke especially early to the sound of rain, this morning. The dreary weather matched my initial mood. My mind was focused on the fact that for the first time since I was about 12 years old, I will not be heading up to Huntington High School, for the annual “Turkey Bowl”. Around forty five years ago, it began with my father and his friends. I soon became the first of the children to step on the field, but only when I could hold my own, as the elders were still playing for keeps, so to speak. Over time, all of the children of the original players, joined the game and eventually, their children (the grandchildren), as well. The character of the game gradually drifted from a serious, competitive affair to one of family, friendship and camaraderie, loosely organized around football – an annual renewal, a reunion. It has been something that I look forward to every year, and one of the things that makes Thanksgiving great!

The game has endured through all forms of weather (including the epic Blizzard Bowl). It has gone forward with an ever changing cast of characters, and survived the painful losses of some very dear friends. Only a pandemic could interrupt this cherished tradition. Hence, the “dreary” morning mood.

Turkey Bowl 2019! Family, Friends and Football!

But Thanksgiving is more than the “Turkey Bowl”, and though I will miss it dearly and will be looking forward to re-establishing the tradition, next year – I am still looking forward to the rest of this day. No, it won’t be the usual, entire family at our house for the full feast of Turkey and countless sides. There will still be Turkey, but it will just be our household (Me and Debi, Karl and Elise). It will not be the same as having everyone together, but I am thankful for the opportunity to celebrate, nonetheless.

Karl, Brining the Turkey!

A quick list of things, I am grateful for (incomplete and in no specific order):

  1. Our Backyard (the pool, patio, trees, garden and bbq)
  2. The Garage Gym (fully operational, even in a pandemic)
  3. Hiking (the NYS Parks, Nassau County Greenbelt Trail etc.)
  4. Georgio’s Coffee @georgioscoffee (“Coffee without equal” indeed)
  5. The Continued GOOD HEALTH of those I love.
  6. The Blessed Addition of two beautiful, healthy Baby Cousins!

So despite, the weather, and the fact that this Thanksgiving may be missing some ingredients, my mood has brightened, as I focus on all that we still do have.


2 thoughts on “Still Grateful

  1. Well said! Just have to look forward to next year! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Avery and Silvia are lucky to be additions to our family! 🙂


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