A Typical Sunday

Sundays in our house tend to be quiet and restful. It has not always been this way, of course. Back when the kids were playing sports and I was coaching, most Sundays were spent out on some field, somewhere (it goes by fast, so enjoy it, because if you are like me, you will miss it when it’s over). Interestingly, during this pandemic, we stay home a whole lot more and many days have a “Sunday feel”. Yesterday, I was up at a little past 6am, and immediately began the coffee routine. I had grinded beans on Saturday, since the Capresso Grinder is a little loud, for anyone who may be trying to sleep a bit later. These days my brewing method of choice is the Pour Over.

After a cup or two, I hopped into the car and took a quick ride to J & R Discount in Levittown, which is where I go to buy the Newspapers (the New York Times for me and the Newsday for Debi). I almost never read any of the actual News (too depressing). I do like to read the Book Review and several of the other sections. But it is mostly about the Crossword Puzzle. I really enjoy tackling the Puzzle with a cup of Georgio’s Coffee, with Classical Music in the background courtesy of WQXR FM (by way of our Echo Dot).

The Crossword Puzzle and a fine cup of coffee!

This week, I was able to get through the Puzzle just after 1pm, pretty much, just in time for the first of the endless NFL action on Television. As a New York Jets fan, I have grown accustomed to bad football (though this year’s Jets are setting new standards in that category). I have been disappointed each week with the poor quality of football being played throughout the NFL, this year. I am not sure if it is the many sides of the Corona Virus (outbreaks, protocols, player opt outs etc.), the lack of real practice, the shortened preparation time or a watered down talent pool. Whatever the cause or causes, I find it barely watchable most of the time. However, that does not stop me from tuning in. But, rather than focused viewing, I kind of drift in and out. With all of us “kind of” watching, it really is more about the time together and the conversation. We even get to talk with Diana, albeit by Phone (it still counts). Oh, and there is the food! We usually have some good snacks and or appetizers to help get us through. This week, we opened a jar of homegrown and homemade Pickled Hot Cherry Peppers and paired it with some soft Goat Cheese! It was delicious!

Soooooo Good!

So what if the football is weak. Sundays are still great! I love the relaxed pace, the variety of activity and especially the family time. Between being retired and being stuck in this pandemic, there are lots of days, that feel like Sunday. But there is only one true Sunday each week, and it’s not about the football or even the crossword puzzle, it’s really all about spending some quality family time together.

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