Snow Day and another Sunset!

As forecast, we woke on Thursday, to about five inches of snow already on the ground, and it was still snowing! Of all the things that make it feel like Christmas, snow probably tops the list, even though I only remember a few times in my life (that’s a lot of years, now), when we actually had a White Christmas. So, even though it was a week before the big day, it still made me feel like a kid. I was dressed and outside by around 9am, and began to get the cars cleaned off and the driveway and sidewalk cleared. The snow was very heavy and I was so happy, that after years of resisting, I finally purchased a snow blower, a few years ago. Even with the snow blower, it was pretty hard work. By 1:30pm, I had cleared ours and four of our neighbors’. One of the neighbors, wanted to pay me for the work. I did not accept it, though I appreciated the offer. It felt great to be able to help some people out.

After an hour or so inside, I set myself up on the front lawn, to begin the task of building a Snowman. It had been awhile since, I last built one, but I knew just where “the kit” (hat, eyes, buttons etc.) was in the garage. When the kids were younger, this was a regular thing, whenever it snowed. The only kid around this time, was me! The snow was difficult to work with (could not be rolled into balls), but I stayed with it until a satisfactory product stood proudly in front of our house. It was not the best one I’ve ever made, but it was still the “Best on the Block” for that day! There were at least a couple of others, and I am not sure their builders’ knew there was a contest – Rookies!

Salisbury Slim! Best on the Block!

Friday, I mostly worked through the soreness, that was the fruit of Thursday’s labor. By yesterday (Saturday), I was much better. I finished off the New York Times Super Mega Crossword Puzzle (which came last Sunday). But, I have yet to figure out what the theme is.

Filled, but not fully solved yet.

Yesterday afternoon, Debi and I drove up to Kings Point to see her Aunt Roseann and her Fiance, Ted. It is a beautiful area and they took us to a house, that Ted is the Caretaker for. This house, which they refer to as “The Shack”, is on the northwest part of the peninsula that faces south and west, with a spectacular view of the top of Manhasset Bay, the Throggs Neck and Whitestone Bridges, City Island and the Manhattan Skyline. “The Shack” has seen better days and is in need of some updating and repairs. But that VIEW! Sitting in the living room and watching the sun go down behind New York City, was really amazing. We are grateful to have been invited there.

This doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea!

Back at Ted’s house, we enjoyed each other’s company over a delicious dinner of Seafood Kebabs, Artichokes, homemade riced cauliflower. With the snow, so visible from the sunroom, and the house all decked out for the Holidays, it was quite the festive atmosphere. Dinner was topped off with dessert of homemade chocolate chip cookies and fresh fruit with whipped cream. I think we all had a really wonderful evening, I know I did. Spending time with family, and enjoying great food, how’s that for Holiday Spirit.

We are heading into the homestretch, the last few days before Christmas. There is pretty much, only food shopping and gift wrapping, left to be done. I have been enjoying the build up more than I remember, in other years. It could be the Pandemic, or maybe I am just appreciating it all, a bit more now. Who knows why, I’m just happy to be in it.

Totally, off topic. As a Jets fan, I have had to come up with other things to root for since they are rarely in anything this late in the season – other than the race for the top draft pick! Over the years, I have found myself rooting for NFL Teams, that I know certain friends root for (This does not apply to that team that plays its home games in Foxboro, MA, or the Tampa Bay Team, as of this year). So, to all of my friends who are Buffalo Bills fans – Bills Mafia, Congratulations on winning the AFC East yesterday!

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