A Pre-Christmas Day Trip

After being shocked by the Jets on Sunday. Monday morning I took Debi to the train, went to Stop and Shop, Uncle Giuseppe’s and finally the Liquor Store. Then I wrapped all of the Christmas gifts. These were among the final steps of Christmas prep, that needed to be taken care of, but I wanted to have as little to do the rest of the week, as possible. You see, I had set my mind on going Snowboarding at Belleayre on Tuesday, leaving me only Wednesday for any last minute errands.

The Gift of Giving!

I had wanted to begin the Snowboarding season last Tuesday, but the conditions were poor and there were very few trails open. Last Thursday’s Snowstorm took care of that. So, I decided I would make this Tuesday, the day. I was up and out of the house by 6am and enjoyed the relatively easy exit from Long Island and the City (Covid has significantly diminished traffic, most of the time). It felt great to be back on the road again (this was the second time I have been off the Island, since March), and noticing the snow on the ground the entire drive up, increased my anticipation.

I arrived around 9am, and had decided beforehand to change in the car in order to avoid the possibility of a crowded base lodge. It was a bit challenging, but not too bad of an inconvenience. I grabbed my new gear and was on the chairlift by 9:20am. I quickly fell in love with the new goggles (purchased online for $11!), as frozen precipitation began to fall (it would continue throughout the day), and I actually forgot, that I had them on. The new Step On bindings are also, terrific. They were not purchased online, and cost a small fortune, but they are already worth it. I can get in and out of them easily, without having to sit or kneel, thereby saving my back. The snow conditions were good, especially for this early in the season, and the new board (a Burton “Speed Date”) carved beautifully, all day on any kind of terrain and all kinds of snow. I boarded through lunch and didn’t pack it in for the day until after 2pm.

Check out the new Goggles!

I was on the road home by about 2:30 and had time to reflect on the “Covid effect” on my day of Snowboarding. When I finished up, I went inside to get a bottle of water for the ride home. The Lodge was empty – leaving me to wonder, if next time, I should get changed inside and maybe stop for lunch. Belleayre’s staff did a nice job of keeping the lift lines safely distanced and organized, and throughout the day, there was no time when I was near anyone who did not have their face covered. So while I had been concerned about all of this, beforehand, I ended up feeling like I had a “very safe day” (I did fall a few times, though). Looking forward, I had it in mind that I might make a day trip or two, with a friend (I don’t have too many of those!). I definitely would love the company, but am concerned about the safety of the close quarters of a shared car ride. One thing I do know, I want to go again, soon.

Yesterday, working through the general soreness, I got my car serviced, and picked up our order from the Butcher. I brought a gift for the mechanics at Bargoil Service and was touched when they handed me a gift bottle of wine. I was similarly touched, when the Butcher handed me a tin of cookies and a mini “Panettone” cake. I got all of my snowboarding gear cleaned up and put away, along with the “Snowman Kit” (Salisbury Slim, had melted away), just in time for Diana and Jon’s arrival. And suddenly, it felt a lot more like Christmas!

For the Men at Bargoil Service.

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