Covid Christmas

With all of the errands, shopping and wrapping finally finished, Christmas Eve was time to relax and enjoy the fine food, drink and company. Debi put together an awesome Antipasto Salad to whet the appetite for the Feast of the Seven Fishes (not an official Title, at least I don’t think it is), prepared by Karl and Elise. It truly was a feast.

In the early years of Parenthood, our kids would be up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. It is funny how that has changed, Santa even had time to fill the stockings, before everyone was awake. The exchanging of gifts was as nice as I can ever remember. The thoughtfulness of the gift giving was really something. It was pretty cool seeing everyone enjoying the gift of giving. Then we all enjoyed the waffles and sausage breakfast, prepared by Diana and Jon.

Great Food!

Food was front and center all day. Elise made a nice platter of Antipasto Salad, which tided us all over until the main event, the Prime Rib Dinner. Diana and Jon put dinner together, with a big assist from Karl, who oversaw the cooking of the meat in the Sous Vide. He also put the finishing touches on it, with a torch. As good as the food and drink were, the company and conversation were the real highlight. With the difficult year we have had, it felt especially great to be sharing this holiday together.

Better Company!

Saturday morning was slow moving. Diana and Jon went out to see my parents, but not before we made plans to spend the afternoon and evening eating pizza and watching football. I can’t remember the last time I ate pizza, and maybe that is why it tasted so good. Once again, though it was the company and conversation that made my day. I will say that the intensity level picked up for the final game of the day, as Jon’s Dolphins took on the Las Vegas Raiders. Of course the game would go down to the wire. Ryan Fitzpatrick, AKA “Fitzmagic” entered the game and promptly orchestrated a Dolphins comeback. After a couple of questionable officiating decisions, Miami’s playoff dreams appeared to be dashed, before a penalty aided miracle ending, gave the Dolphins the victory. It was fun for me, and probably less so for Jon, until the end.

I picked up the Newspapers and a few other items, early Sunday morning and reflected on what had been a great few days. I had barely looked at the Crossword Puzzle, before it was time for Diana and Jon to begin the drive back to Rochester. As they pulled away from the house, it did not feel much different from any other time, either of my children have left. It hasn’t gotten any easier. And just like that, even though the decorations are all still up, it didn’t feel like Christmas so much anymore.

It is always tough, saying goodbye.

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