Keepin’ On

With no trip planned for this week, and nothing really new to report. I decided to write about something a bit different. As much as I have been able to get out and do some pretty cool things (hiking and snowboarding for the most part) during this pandemic, there are still lots of moments when I find myself thinking about how long it has already been and wondering how much longer will it go on in this restrictive way. It is easy to get caught up in the negativity of it all, and that can be fairly depressing. During the almost eleven months of Covid-19, like most everybody else, I have tried a number of different ways to pass the time. The other day I spent way too much time pondering which morning cup of coffee, was my favorite? The first cup of the day, with that initial warm, buzziness – the one that hopefully, helps put me on a positive path for the day. But that second cup also has some standing in this. By the time I begin the second cup, I am awake enough to truly enjoy this simple pleasure. So you tell me.

Which do you enjoy more, the First Cup or Second Cup of the morning?

Early in the Pandemic, I binged watched a few series. More recently, Debi and I watched a couple of them together. Here is how I rank them.

  1. Breaking Bad – I watched this years ago and it is still my favorite by a pretty wide margin.
  2. Game of Thrones – Also, pre-pandemic. I am not usually into fake stuff (like dragons), but this was a great series. We even named our kitten after Arya Stark!
  3. Peaky Blinders – I watched all of the completed seasons during the “pause”, and cannot wait for the next season.
  4. Better Call Saul – An offbeat spin off of Breaking Bad, I am waiting for the new season.
  5. House of Cards – This one was looking to be much higher on the list, until it got ridiculous, even before Kevin Spacey was axed.
  6. The Man in the High Castle – Another Covid watch. Not usually my type of thing, and I was a bit disappointed in the ending, but it was very engrossing.
  7. Boardwalk Empire – We finished this one, recently. Part true story, part fiction. Entertaining, though sometimes predictable and not close to the best Gangster dramas.
  8. Shameless – This one is also still in production. It gets a sick kind of hold over you. There is not one character that I completely like and many of them you loathe, most of the time.

Ozark and Designated Survivor were both dropped before their conclusions, having gotten too far fetched for me.

Another Covid pastime can be seen below.

Scary Selfies of Covid

So, like everyone else, I am looking forward to better times. In the mean time, I hope to keep hiking, snowboarding, watching interesting TV and Sports (very happy Hockey is back). And who knows, maybe there will actually be some lacrosse this spring and I can get this blog back to its roots.

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