It has been a week, already?

The last time I posted, was a week ago. As last week was coming to a close, I did not think it would take me this long to sit down and do another one. I guess I got sidetracked when Diana and Jon, made a spur of the moment decision to come down for a visit on Friday. Of course, I was more than happy they did. After they told us they were coming, I went with Debi and Elise for a very quick hike at the Muttontown Preserve. It was barely twenty degrees, and very windy, but thankfully the sun was out. We set a quick pace and did not venture as far as the ruins. We took a bit a of a different route that was very scenic. The entire trek was over in less than an hour and we were all happy to get into the car and out of the cold, though we all agreed that as cold as it was, we felt invigorated. It was certainly worth the effort.

Very cold, but very pretty, too!

We thawed out at home, and before long Jon and Diana had arrived and we began an unplanned four day visit! It was great having them around for some real quality time, together. We watched Hockey, the Winter X Games and even a Movie (The War with Grandpa, with Robert DeNiro, which was hilarious). Sunday afternoon it began to snow and it did not really stop until Monday evening, leaving us with about a foot of snow – it is hard to say for sure, since it was very windy causing some pretty deep snowdrifts. As always the visit went by too quickly, and I was sad to see Jon and Diana off, yesterday. But, I am grateful for, what really was a great visit.

Saturday Night Dinner! Who doesn’t like Cheeseburgers?

Having cleared the snow, and with Jon and Diana on their way back to Springfield, and Debi and Karl both working from home, I returned to the recently purchased lecture series called “The Celtic World”, which is part of “The Great Courses” program, published by the New York Times. I am now more than half way through the 24 lectures, and have to say, they have all been very good. They were on sale for a fraction of the normal cost, so I bought four separate “Courses”. So far, it seems like money well spent.

Lifelong Learning.

I woke up this morning to find a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. I was savoring that first cup of coffee, and looking through my email and some social media, when I came across a post on Facebook by Diana’s Mercyhurst Roomate, Spencer Hess. I was delighted to learn that she is WRITING A BLOG about her experiences working in Tampa Bay working on all things related to the Super Bowl! Spencer is a talented and hilarious, young woman, which is reflected in her blog. You can check it out yourself, via the link below.

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