A Couple of Questions, for You

After last Thursday’s day trip to Belleayre, I had to push myself into the garage for a workout on Friday. But, as is usually the case, I was glad I forced myself, once it was done. I hustled to get all the snowboarding gear and clothing cleaned and put away, and successfully fought off the urge to take an afternoon nap. I was rewarded with the return of Live Streamed College Lacrosse! That’s right, Lacrosse is Back! The Duke vs. Denver Men’s Game, was not the greatest game I have ever seen, but it was one of the more anticipated ones (for me, at least), since it has been nearly a year, since College Lacrosse was Virused Out, early in the 2019 season. In some ways it was very typical of any early season game. A bit sloppy in the skills and execution departments, but certainly not lacking in the effort put forth by both teams. This was the first of three straight days of ESPN Live Streamed College Lacrosse. Duke wound up coming from way down, to win 12-10. I was able to watch large parts of all three games – Virginia beat Towson on Saturday and UNC looked very good (like mid-season good) in dismantling Denver on Sunday. I am looking forward to Women’s Lacrosse beginning this coming weekend and to many more games this season.

Friday Afternoon Lacrosse!

Debi and I were up and at ’em early on Saturday and we decided to go for a hike at Bethpage State Park. With plenty of snow still on the ground, this was a good choice, since Bethpage has a nice long, paved path. While we both prefer to be off the beaten (or paved) path, it was still nice and certainly better than not going at all. It was fairly nice weather and it was good to see several High School Cross Country Teams assembled for practice.

A Bright and Early Start to Saturday.

We got out early on Sunday morning as well, hoping to get a walk in before the forecasted snow began. We went to our “old Sunday standby”, Eisenhower Park. Unlike Bethpage, Eisenhower is very flat. But it has many different paved paths, from which to choose. It was a cold and gray morning, with the fewest people we have seen in the park, in recent memory. As we were finishing up about three miles, it began to snow. We noticed a familiar Touch Football Game beginning to take shape, as we returned to the car and headed home. What is the difference between a hike and a walk? I think if you can do it safely and comfortably in sneakers, it is a walk. Hikes need boots. Do you agree?

Eisenhower Park, as the now begins to fall. Was it a Walk, or a Hike?

The snow intensified as the day went on. It was still snowing when I went outside to assess the situation around 4:00pm. It had begun to taper off and was about five inches deep, but very light, so I began shoveling and decided not to bother with the snowblower. Of course it ended up, taking just enough time for me to get back inside to make Nachos before the start of the Super Bowl. The Nachos certainly turned out better than the game. But the highlight of the evening for me, was the beautiful sunset. Which brings us to the second big question. Which do you prefer, Sunrises or Sunsets? I love them both, but if forced to choose, it would be a sunrise. I am a morning person and there is nothing quite like a beautiful sunrise to start a day, it kind of announces the day and all of its potential for good things.

Super Bowl Sunday Sunset! Which do you prefer, Sunrise or Sunset?

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