Return to Gore Mountain

With snow forecast for Thursday morning, Debi and I decided to avoid any weather related messes, by leaving Wednesday evening. We made a quick reservation at the Fairfield Inn in Queensbury (about 40 minutes north of Albany), and left after Debi finished work, around 6:30. We made it to the hotel before 10pm and felt like leaving early was a good decision, since the morning ride to Gore Mountain, would now only take about 40 minutes instead of the 4 hours it would have been, from home. The “good decision” was confirmed when we saw on the morning news, there had indeed been some snow to usher in the morning commute.

We took our time in the morning but still got to Gore before 10:30, and were happy to find very good conditions and almost the entire mountain open. By midday, there was a bit of a long lift line for the Gondola, but really no crowds, anywhere else. The conditions had not really changed since the last time I was there, but I was surprised by how much more terrain had been opened up. Gore is a big mountain and so much of it, is really beautiful! We got a good number of runs in and were both done by 2:30.

A Great Day, and Great Company!

We got off the mountain and made the quick drive (like 2 minutes) to The Inn on Gore Mountain to check. We met the owner and made our way to our Cabin, which was rustic, but cozy, clean and comfortably warm. We both got cleaned up and ordered dinner from, nearby Beck’s Tavern. It was a quick drive into town for some provisions, and we picked up our order on the way back to our cabin. The food was delicious, and as the evening settled in on us, the fatigue from the day’s outdoor activity, pushed us into a deep slumber.

Yesterday, we both woke early, even though I was the only one heading to the mountain. The weather forecast was for extremely cold temperatures, so I bundled up and braced for it. They weren’t kidding. It was -3 degrees, when I got into the car (I was happy, it started right up)! I was actually on the Gondola before 8:30 and really got after it, especially for the first couple of hours. Again the conditions were very good. There was lots of untouched cord-d-d-dur-r-roy – the cold, crunchy kind that makes your board chatter. As the morning passed, I was surprisingly comfortable, not really feeling cold. I began to contemplate the lower (less challenging and slightly warmer) part of the mountain, as I began to tire. I would up getting a bit lost, before I stumbled upon the “High Peaks Area”. And I was glad, I did. There were a number of fairly narrow, twisting trails that were in great shape. How had I missed all of this, before. I needed to wind it down, but vowed to myself, to spend more time there, next time. I eventually, made it back to the lower mountain and shut it down, after a couple more runs. I arrived at the car, fairly exhausted and beginning to get hungry – so why did I feel so great?

Extremely C-c-c-old! But Great!

Back at the Cabin, I lingered in the amazing hot shower before we ordered dinner from the the restaurant which was, thankfully, a short walk from our unit. Dinner was also great, but after a few brews, I could not stay awake past 8pm.

Dinner Time View from Our Cabin.

We got up early, this morning and were homeward bound, before 7:30am. As we headed east, the rising sun began to create some beautiful mountain vistas (sorry, no photos). We stopped for gas, coffee, tea and an egg sandwich at Stewart’s in Warrensburg, and then settled in for the long ride to Long Island. I reflected on how much nicer it was to have company on such a trip. And was thankful to have been able to do it. And I was already looking forward to the next northern adventure.

From the gas station, in Warrensburg!

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