Since The Last Time…

Ok, so once again, it has been longer than I had intended, since the last entry. I am not sure if it is some kind of Covid Funk, or what. It certainly isn’t that I have had nothing to report. I will try to get caught up. Last week, we had another snowstorm. I still love the snow, but it is much easier to enjoy when it hits hard and fast and is followed by serene sunshine. This storm took two days to be finished and the sun did not come out until days later.

Another Snowstorm, but no Sunny ending, (it’s back there somewhere).

Also last week, I was able to live stream some College Lacrosse. I have seen the North Carolina Women, twice now against highly ranked opponents. The Lady Tar Heels have been extremely impressive and certainly worthy of their number one ranking. They are loaded all over the field. When Attacker, Katie Hoeg (usually the Quarterback of the Offense) was being shut down by Florida’s Cara Trombetta, UNC simply adapted, with a number of other players stepping up. I have not seen any weaknesses. I hope to catch them again on Saturday, against Syracuse – who has also been impressive early this season.

Live Streamed, Chrome Casted, Women’s College Lacrosse. UNC vs. Florida!

Normally (was there ever actually, such a thing?), at this time of year, I would be looking to catch some live, in person, High School Wrestling action. Though they have begun competing (sometimes they wore masks, though I don’t see how you can wrestle your hardest while wearing one), spectatorship is not allowed, or strictly limited. They have however, stepped up the live streaming. So Saturday, I was joined by a couple of Clarke Rams Wrestling Alumni Dads, to watch the You Tubed live streaming of the Rams vs. Baldwin (we socially distanced in our living room). We also ended up watching a previous match against Calhoun. The Rams looked good in winning both Dual Meets. Of course, I love that they are competing, but with no Post Season to look forward to, there is something missing. It was great to watch and visit, with a couple of Wrestling Dads, while we would rather been in the bleachers, it was better than nothing.

Welcome Back to Rams Wrestling!

Sunday, Debi and I headed north to Lake Placid and a few days of Skiing/Snowboarding at Whiteface Mountain. The five hour drive becomes more pleasant and beautiful, the farther north you get. The New York State Thruway or is it officially “The Northway”, above Albany, is scenically spectacular.

Just one of the many gorgeous scenes, from the car.

Whiteface in late February compared to early January, was way more wintery. Deeper snow everywhere, more ice covered snow on the rivers and lakes. The contrast was pretty cool, since I thought the scenes back in January were pretty wintery, then. Though it looked very winter like, the temperatures felt almost spring like (compared to what I have recently gotten used to), with temperatures in the high twenties at the base of the mountain (15 degrees at the top!). So many more trails were open, this time around, and the snow conditions were excellent. We were able to really enjoy the very varied terrain. Each day back at our room in the High Peaks Resort, Lake House, we relaxed and got delicious dinners from The Dancing Bears Lounge, across the street. There was a lot more activity in town and many more businesses appeared open to accommodate the increased number of visitors. I was happy to see all of it. All in all, it was a wonderful, trip.

The Ausable River at the base of Whiteface Mountain (the February version)!

The Ever Changing Panoramic View from the top of Little Whiteface!
Dog Sled Rides on Mirror Lake, as seen from our room! Mush!

Though it was still very much Winter, I could not help but feel the beginning of its waning, inevitably giving way to Spring. It has been a great winter thus far, and I hope to get some more snowboarding in, but who doesn’t love Spring and all of the promise (and Lacrosse) that comes with it.

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