What Took Me So Long?

Apparently, it has been almost a month since my last blog entry. I am not really sure, why, because I have actually been having a lot of fun.

A few Saturdays ago, Debi and I went for a nice hike at Hempstead Lake State Park. It is so close by, I am not sure why we had not been there before. I recall going there as a kid and going on the Merry Go Round, which is still there, and like the rest of the park, is in great condition. It was a beautiful day, and we got an early start to beat the heat. Being that it is so close and we only hiked the south side, we will try get back there soon to do the north side.

Later that same day, I met Sean Irwin up at Clarke High School for the first Football Game of the season. I only know a couple of the Clarke Players, both of whom are also Wrestlers, but that doesn’t matter, Football is Football. It had probably been two years since I had been to a Football Game in person, and to me I would just as soon watch a High School Game, as any other level (that should not be too surprising – I mean, I am a Jets Fan!). North Shore jumped all over Clarke early and the Rams were never really able to mount a comeback, though they did stop the bleeding and were physically much better as the game went on. Despite the 28-7 setback, there were some positives on which they can build. Sean and I finished the afternoon in his yard, with a couple of “Summer Shandys”.

The Excitement of Opening Day Football! Yes, that is a new Turf Field.

The following Friday, I travelled into Forest Hills to my buddy, Jim Cribbins’ beautiful place, where we had a great lunch before heading north to Citi Field for the Yankees, Mets game. It was a beautiful evening and the stadium was probably near capacity (by the end of the night, at least). Being only a casual baseball fan, and this being my first time to one of these rivalry type games, I was struck by the excitement and energy that filled the air – not to mention the entertaining, spirited exchanges between the diehard Yankees and Mets fans. The Mets won (I do not recall the score). It was a terrific night, and really great to catch up with Jim, again.

Watching the Warm Ups at the Beautiful, Citi Field!

Last week, Debi and I travelled upstate to finalize the purchase of a Condo near Gore Mountain, in North Creek, NY. We did the walk through on Wednesday and had the Closing in Glens Falls on Thursday. Everything went smoothly and we were inside the unit by the early afternoon. We spent the remainder of the week and weekend getting acquainted with the Condo and the surrounding area. On Friday, we got out for a rigorous hike to “OK Slip Falls” (not sure how it got the name). It was over six miles round trip, through thickly forested and varied terrain. As has usually been the case, it was well worth the time and effort. The Falls were spectacular and the sights along the way were cool, too.

A Salamander, seen on the way to the falls.
OK Slip Falls!
A Ruffed Grouse (I think). It’s partner scared the crap out of us, when it took off flying on our way back from the Falls. It sounded like a Helicopter!

It had been a pretty long time since we embarked on such an ambitious hike. It was pretty tiring, but it felt good to be back in the woods again. While we hope to rent the Condo out, much of the time, we also hope to get to use it as our base camp for a variety of outdoor activities. At least we got off to a good start.

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