Making The Best Of It

Last Wednesday, I headed back up to the Adirondacks, as soon as I had returned from the Butcher with the week’s supply of meat. It was a very nice, early autumn day and I was in no hurry. I only really needed to be there by the afternoon on Thursday, to meet the Internet/WiFi Installation person from “Frontier”. I arrived in daylight and enjoyed the evening just hanging out in the Condo. Thursday morning, I decided to give Frontier a call, to confirm the appointment. This turned into several phone calls over the course of several hours. In the end, not only did they not keep the appointment, they were unable to say when they would be able to do it. It seems they have gone to fiber optics and do not yet have the materials needed for the installation at our complex. I was quite frustrated, but was able to get a couple of other things taken care of, and did not let it ruin my day. In fact, I went into town, to check out the final day of the North Creek Farmers Market, which was great, they even had some kitchen hand towels, which we needed.

I woke early on Friday, determined to make up for the disappointment of the day before. I headed to the Gore Ski Bowl Park and the Schaefer Foot Trail. I had no intention of completing the entire climb to the top of Gore Mountain (more than nine miles each way), but I wanted to do at least four or five miles, round trip. It was a cool and beautiful, sunny day, perfect for a vigorous hike. I began by crossing some ski trails, which appear odd without snow on them, especially up close. Before long I was hiking alongside a small “babbling brook”. After crossing a couple of small streams, the trail began hugging the edge of the aptly named, “Roaring Brook”, which was indeed “roaring” especially after the heavy rain we got overnight. I could have taken hundreds of photos and videos, of the spectacular, cascading water.

Powerful and Invigorating!

At times the trail became quite difficult and even impassable in spots due to the high water. The “Roar” was invigorating and an adrenaline boost, helping to propel me further, uphill. I only stopped when I reached the Reservoir, that is its source.

I took a few minutes to rest and eat a protein bar and enjoy the view of the mountain and the reservoir, before beginning the descent.

Pretty nice spot for a snack break!

For some reason I felt challenged to make the return trip, quickly. It had taken about an hour and a half to reach the reservoir and I was able to get back to the trail head in an hour. Someday, I would like to try to get all the way to the top of Gore Mountain, but I think I would need to train for that, get an earlier start and bring food and water. As for this hike, I thought it was one of the better ones I have done, and figure it was over five miles round trip.

Oktoberfest Bier on the deck, after a great hike!

As I ate my breakfast of a Goat Cheese Omelet and Toast, while talking on the phone with Debi, I was surprised by a single Wild Turkey that wandered by the dining room window. I was able to get a photo, just before it got itself lost in the woods.

Not the best photo, but you can see the Turkey.

After that morning excitement, I got the place cleaned up and packed up my stuff. I was on the road for Newburgh to visit my Uncle Paul Gannon, by 11:15am. It was another beautiful day for a drive and I had a smooth two and a half hour trip. We sat watching College Football and snacking for awhile, before Paul abruptly asked me if I have been doing any golfing lately. “No, I have not”. He said “C’mon, let’s go play nine holes”. So, we went and played nine holes of golf at the “Newburgh No Frills Golf Course”, and it was great! Not that either of us golfed well (though Paul is definitely better than I am), but we had a lot of fun, and saw a Fox!

The Resident Fox at the “Newburgh No Frills Golf Course”

After the quick nine holes of golf, we ate Cheeseburgers at a Local Tavern. We agreed that they may have been the best Cheeseburgers we have ever had, but that could have been because we were both famished.

I Recommend A Cheeseburger!

We went out for breakfast Sunday morning, which was delicious and more food than we could actually finish. Paul has a regular Pickle Ball Game on Sundays – I have been told that he dominates! It had been a short visit, but a great one. It is always great to see and spend some time with Paul, this time was further proof of that. We pledged to get together again soon, a pledge I plan to honor.

So, I headed home, hoping to have enough time to finish the Crossword Puzzle before I would fall asleep watching bad New York Football. I never did fall asleep. I did finish the puzzle. The Jets and Giants were both BAD! But at least Brady and Belichick both lost – separately, which might make it feel twice as good.

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