Happy to be back.

After our first win of the season, on Sunday, we were back to it on Monday. Film study and then practice as we began to prepare for our next opponent, Davis and Elkins. We have a lot of players who cannot make practice or have to leave early on Mondays. The same is true of Tuesdays, but to a lesser extent. Despite the low numbers, I felt like we had two days of focused and spirited practice.

Back to practice. Not a bad place to be.

Yesterday was “Game Day” again. As I have said before, I do not love the 7pm. start time. I find myself pre-occupied most of the day, kind of just waiting around for it to be time to go. So I end up getting to the field way earlier than necessary. It was cold and windy, last night, but thankfully without precipitation. We began our pre-game warm ups as the sun was beginning to set behind Hempstead Lake (which is just west of our field). It was nice to take a couple of moments to soak up the beauty of the scene.

Beautiful Sunset over Hempstead Lake! A nice scene to warm up in.

Similar to Sunday’s game, the Lions came out roaring (I couldn’t resist). We played hard and fast and had it not been for the spectacular Goalie for Davis and Elkins, the game would have been in running time, in the first quarter. But she was really terrific, finishing with 23 saves and displaying great skill and athletic ability in the clearing game. Once again, we were able to get all of our players into the game, en route to a 17 – 2 win.

Another good game for the Lions!

So we have now won a couple of games, and I think the whole team probably feels a lot better about where we are, as a team. To me, it has not been about the scores or the victories, but about the improvement in the quality of our play. We have played fast and with intensity, but also with more efficiency (fewer turnovers). Last night we had eleven different players score goals and our re-defend (or “ride” as it is known in Men’s Lacrosse) was relentlessly tenacious. I am hopeful that this kind of play, is who we really are. We will be facing much stiffer competition, beginning Sunday against Georgian Court University, and I am looking forward to it.

Now that I have spent a considerable amount of time, with the 2023 Molloy Lions, and we are five games into our season, I can say with perspective and certainty, that I am happy to be back on the sidelines as a College Lacrosse Coach. I had been busy doing lots of other things (hiking, gardening, travelling, snowboarding, etc.), the past three years and most of that was enjoyable. But, I am only now starting to realize, how much I missed coaching in college. There is something about being part of a team, the dedication and commitment to a common goal and the hard work that goes into it. Sure, the routine of practice, preparation and games, can feel like a grind. But when the team makes measurable progress toward its goals, it all seems worth it.

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