Scenes from Sunday

Despite a restless night’s sleep, I woke up early and felt great yesterday.  I got right after it by sitting down to write the previous blog post.  Getting my thoughts in writing turned out to be the easy part.  In case I had forgotten, my inablity to publish the post via the hotel wifi, reminded me that I am technologically challenged!  I ended up retyping it on the hotel computer and was able to get it out, but the extra time it took, left no time for a workout (I am surprised how the Blog took priority)  Somehow, even though I was up at 6:30 am, I end up hustling to get on the road for the three plus hours drive to Buckhannon.

The ride through the mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania, then Maryland and finally West Virginia, was at times harrowing, due to the severe inclines and declines, and the hairpin turns, but mostly it is due to the dense fog that appeared intermittently during the first half of the trip.  In between those difficult stretches, the landscape is both stunningly beautiful and imposingly rugged.  Thankfully, the temperature began to rise as the sun broke through and the driving became easier as the pleasing views continued.

By the time I reach the streets of Buckhannon, it is a sunny and almost 60 degrees!  The small but picturesque college town seems steeped in history but also vibrant.  Once on campus, I eventually find the field in time to see the Lakers make their entrance.  Once again, Mercyhurst appeared intense and focused in their warmup, and they start the game fast and never look back.  The Lady Lakers were efficient in all facets of the game, which ended with a final score of 20-3.  11 different players scored goals!  And I believe, everyone got a chance to play.  I enjoyed chatting with the Mercyhurst faithful who made the trip.  The sense of “family” that surrounds this team is real and very present, post game, as parents and players mingle in the parking lot.  I was able to have a brief, but warm visit with Diana, which of course, makes my day!  

After the team boards the bus, the families quickly say goodbye and take to the road.  I had decided to drive to and stay in Erie, rather than go home and then drive back for Wednesday’s big game against the defending National Champions and #1 Ranked, LeMoyne Dolphins!  The ride to Erie passed surprisingly quickly.  Along the way, I thought “wow, this weekend went by fast”!  I am thankful, I am getting to do this – to be along for the ride.

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