It Wasn’t Pretty, But We’ll Take It

Last night was the Senior Sports Awards Dinner at Old Westbury.  In my four seasons at OW, it has been one of my favorite events.  An evening when some of the finest representatives of the school are recognized for their achievements both on and off the playing fields.  I was not disappointed, and enjoyed the night, as much as any of the previous years.  I am proud of our seniors and all they have accomplished, and while we are of course, sad to see them go, we are happy for them and excited about the next chapters in their lives.

Thankfully, it was an early night, as I had to get home and get to bed in order to get enough rest for today’s drive to Erie, for the Lakers home game against Slippery Rock.  My 5:15 am departure, was my earliest, yet.  It proved to be worth it, as I barely had to hit the brakes at all, even as I drove on the Cross Bronx Expressway and over the George Washington Bridge.  The extra early start got me into Erie a little past Noon.  After checking into a hotel, I met Diana at her apartment.  I gave her the Dutch Oven (to be used on Easter Sunday) in exchange for two large bins of clothing she is sending home with me.

I made an FLG recruiting call to a college coach from the car, while parked behind Tullio Field.  By 3pm, it was in the low 40’s, and rainy.  Quite the contrast to the balmy weather we had in Millersville, last weekend – welcome back to Erie!  From the onset, the game was a defensive struggle, as both teams seemed unable to find any offensive rhythm and it became apparent that goals would be at a premium today.  The Lakers were able to take a 5-2 lead into halftime.  The Rock showed their resilience throughout the second half, as they twice got to withing one goal of the home team.  In the end, Mercyhurst found a way to come up with a 7-5 victory.

It wasn’t pretty!

After the game, there was the traditional Ringing of the Bell!  Though it did not seem to hold the same importance as the previous ringings.  When I got into my car to go to Diana’s apartment, the car would not start.  I opened the hood, and went to the back of the car to look for the jumper cables (the back of the car is of course, now filled with on the road gear and Diana’s two bins).  By the time I got back to the front of the car Coach Cooke and company (Jack Netti and John Meegan, forgive me if I missed anyone) already had cables hooked up, and it was not long before the CRV started up.  This is exactly the kind of thing that makes this team and its families, so special.  They are always looking out for everyone else.  It is very re-assuring to know that your child is among such people.  Thank you all.

Great People!

Now that the car was running again (not really sure what had been wrong, I may need to get that checked out), we went back to the apartment, before deciding on the Brewerie for Dinner.  Once again, I was treated to a great meal and visit with Diana and her roommates, Courtney and Spencer.  It was rally fun.  These young ladies have a lot of change bearing down on them (so does this old man!) but they all have very specific plans for graduate school and are excited about their futures.  And I am excited for them.

I will be leaving early in the morning, so I can make it back to Old Westbury for a 3:30 Game.  This Saturday is Senior Day at Tullio Field!  I expect it will be at least, a bit emotional.  Anticipation and dread, all at the same time.


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