Easter in Erie

We just arrived home, and I wanted to get this entry written and sent out, before I begin to fade. The ride home was pleasant enough, though it rained pretty steadily and at times pretty hard for the final hour and a half. This of course, only adds to the fun as you enter the metropolitan area, with its abundance of aggressive and basically lousy drivers. Once again, I enjoyed the company and conversation, immensely (thanks Karl and Debi!).

So, yesterday, we celebrated Easter with Brunch at Diana’s apartment. I want to thank Diana and her wonderful roommates, Spencer and Courtney for their hospitality and the delicious fare. These gracious hostesses, opened their home to well over, twenty people, who for various reasons found themselves in Erie on Easter Sunday. We were all treated to Kielbasa, two kinds of Quiche, Bagels (from Long Island, of course), muffins, potato salad, fruit salad, and a whole bunch of sweets.

Easter Brunch in Erie!

It was great to get the chance to speak with so many people from so many different places. I learned a lot about Ice Fishing in Minnesota (looks like so much fun). I found out that Pat Smith wants to play Basketball Professionally, overseas, before becoming a music teacher. His teammate, Edvaldo Ferreira, is hoping to become a graduate student at Syracuse. As always, I enjoyed talking to the Lady Lakers’ #1 Fan – Marco, as we watched FLG Alumni, Nick Spillane and Tommy Wright and their Nittany Lion teammates dismantle Johns Hopkins.

I told you, you were going to be in the blog!

It was such a nice gathering and a great way for everyone to feel like Family, even though they were away from home. I was proud of Diana, Courtney and Spencer, for hosting the celebration. But more than that, I am happy for them, and for the life they have made for themselves at Mercyhurst. Thanks for sharing that with the rest of us!

A wonderful gathering of friends!

So then it was back to the hotel, to watch some Stanley Cup Playoff action before tuning in to Game of Thrones!

The ride home today, was filled with much reflection on what was a truly memorable weekend. I have an Old Westbury game tomorrow evening and plan to be in Edinboro, PA for the Lakers game against the Fighting Scots on Wednesday. The regular season concludes next Saturday, in Kutztown. It has gone by fast, and has been great! I am dreading the end, whenever it comes, but am so looking forward to the rest of this journey!

2 thoughts on “Easter in Erie

  1. It was a fantastic Easter weekend and especially fun getting to know some of the Freshman Lakers and their parents. Diana, Spencer and Courtney were fabulous hostesses and our first Polish Easter Brunch away from home will always be a sweet memory. It was great seeing Kristen and finding out how a Lakers star moves on after graduation while holding her teammates dear when she is far away.


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