Feels Like Friday, but it’s only Thursday!

I was home more days this week, than I had been, since I began this Lacrosse Odyssey back in February. For the first couple of days, I had something of a “lax hangover”. Not from too much lacrosse, but from some very intense lacrosse. By Tuesday, I decided that, since there was no weekday game to travel to, I might as well attempt (can you sense the enthusiasm?) to take care of some of the things on the never ending list of house stuff, that has to get done.

I went to a lunch at Old Westbury with the team on Tuesday, but not before I had installed the new bathroom light fixture – which had been in a box in the garage for several months. Yesterday (Wednesday), I replaced the electric outlets in the kitchen (we switched to black, because it goes better with the new décor). I also mowed the lawn and did all of the edging, and even got to plant some of the vegetable garden – I separated and replanted the “surprise lettuce”. Then I hustled out to catch one half of two different High School Lacrosse games, with the dual purpose of seeing some players on my FLG Team, and to see some potential recruits for Old Westbury. It felt good to get some items off the “to do list”, but I felt myself constantly thinking about the upcoming NCAA Regional Semifinal and missing my life on the road.

A Good Day for some Gardening

This morning, I was so ready to hit the road again! This time, Debi and I would again be joined by my parents, as well as Karl’s girlfriend, Elise. Dorothy and Jay will join the party tomorrow. And Karl will catch up with us either tomorrow or Saturday. With the stakes being so high, it is all hands on deck! Diana has been busy with end of school stuff – packing (how much can be left?), finals, taking pictures with friends, and of course, preparing for the biggest lacrosse game of the season and possibly her career! It was probably a good thing, that I had much to do the past few days – otherwise, I would have been unproductively consumed by the anticipation of tomorrow’s game.

There was an unexpected diversion, this morning. Karl saw a rabbit on the front lawn, attacking the grass and furiously digging what looked like the beginning of a “rabbit hole”. It was a very strange occurrence.

Rabbit Hole! I was shocked, that I could get so close.

We got on the road by 11am, as planned, and we are now at our hotel in Exton, PA (near West Chester). During the 3 hour drive, I had a great conversation with Diana. She sounded excellent, excited about the game tomorrow, relishing the moment while still being focused on the goal! I love those talks!

There is a lot of emotion and anticipation accompanying the game tomorrow. I am excited to see the “Laker Family” again, but even more excited about the game itself. This year’s edition of the Mercyhurst Women’s Lacrosse team started slowly, but has now put itself in a position to extend their season and push the program to new heights. I believe they are going to play their best game, and advance to the Regional Final on Sunday! It has been a great journey, so far – let’s keep it going!

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