It’s Over!

So, I am back in Erie, the last place I wanted to be today. I had hoped with all of my being, that we would have to miss graduation, and be at the Regional Final, instead. Now that it is Sunday, and I am here with my family (my parents, Dorothy and Jay, Karl and Elise) and the sting of Friday’s career ending loss has had two days to dissipate, I am not as miserable, as I had thought I would be. It took me a day and a half to process the defeat and gather my thoughts and emotions – before I could sit down and write this – the Blog Post I have been dreading.

I did not love the pregame vibe. Though everyone seemed confident (players and families alike), the energy seemed a bit lacking. My Aunt Jane arrived to bolster the already large Laker Nation (her third game of the season!). I wish the crowd energy had been able to somehow energize the Lakers. The game began badly, as they just seemed sluggish and out of sync. It was 7-1 by halftime!

As they took the field for what was to be the final 30 minutes of the Seniors’ careers, I hoped they could get something going. They did just that. The Lady Lakers summoned their competitive spirit and showed their heart, by clawing back to make it 10-8 with about 6 minutes to go! Though they were unable to complete the comeback, and ultimately lost 12-8, they can be proud of their effort in the second half.

As the game ended my feelings were for Diana and her team, especially, the Seniors. I was a bit surprised how I felt, and how Diana seemed. I was not distraught and Diana seemed more angry than sad. I was proud of her, more than anything.

An Unhappy Ending

I did become quite sad as our Laker Family lingered by the bus. Saying goodbye to everyone was very emotional (just remembering it now brings a tear to my eye). At one point, the Parents of ESU Senior Defender, Natalie Jacobs, approached and told me they have been following the Blog. I should have asked them how they found it in the first place.

Later on, at dinner, it really hit me when I saw Diana’s Instagram Post, I only barely kept it together. We hung out with the Murphys and Boettchers in the hotel lobby for awhile and it was therapeutic for me. I never made it across the street to the other hotel where more of the Laker Family was – I just didn’t have the energy.

I think I will miss the Laker Family as much as the games themselves. I will have to come to terms with not having this in my life anymore, but I am so glad I got to do this season right. I probably won’t feel the full weight of it, until next year when the Lady Lakers return to the field.

All In, one last time!

Thank you to everyone in this Laker Family. Thank you for four years of excellence. For being great families and teammates (especially, when we could not be present). Thank you for helping make this season one of the great experiences of my life!

Graduating Seniors – Congratulations and Best of Luck in the next chapter of your lives. I am excited for you all and know you will have much success – I have seen your grit and character!

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Moms, who get to read this!

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