In Conclusion

We went to Graduation at the Erie Insurance Arena, in drizzly rain and 45 degrees (typical Erie!). It was all very nice and at times, inspiring, as Commencement should be. It was a long (3 hours, at least) ceremony, which gave me much time to contemplate the Lakers’ season and my journey, alongside it. It occurred to me that I should post one final entry in the Blog, to tie things up.

Mercyhurst University Graduation Commencement, 2019!

The 2019 Lax Odyssey, facts and figures:

I drove over 14,000 miles to 19 games (I missed that Seton Hill Game). I stayed in 1 Air BnB and too many hotels to count. I took 1 Uber Ride (my first and only, so far). I was able to finish 4 Books. I spent a lot of money – and it was worth every cent! The Blog has gotten over 3800 Views and had more than 1300 Visitors (including at least one in Germany and the Jacobs, whose daughter played for ESU).

My favorite game was Senior Day, which was also my favorite Post Game Gala! Best Away Game was at IUP. Favorite Hotel was the Bayfront Courtyard in Erie. Favorite places in Erie, were the Brew Erie, “The Stone”, the Original Breakfast Place and Pressed Coffee and Books (I love Sara’s too, but regret to say, I never made it there during this season).

I was fortunate to have been joined by friends (Brian Hutwagner, Janice, Clint and Natalie Morano) and family members (Debi, Aunt Jane and Uncle Paul, both sets of Grandparents, my son Karl and his girlfriend Elise) for portions of the Odyssey. Their companionship and presence, greatly enriched the experience.

Finally, are the many wonderful memories, I will forever cherish. Memories of the games, but also, the many great people I got to know and spend time with, as well as the experiences I was able to share with Diana and the rest of the Laker Family.

Lax Sticks, Knee Brace, Turfs and Foam Roller – retired from competition!

I already feel a void and have begun to think about whatever may be next for me. This will be the final entry for the 2019 Lax Odyssey, I hope you have enjoyed it half as much as I enjoyed writing it. I may begin a new and different Blog, but that has yet to be determined.

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